Monday, January 18, 2016

Weeks 29-32 With Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 29-32 ::

This month was still just as busy as last month, but thankfully a little less stressful :) We celebrated Dellie's birthday, caught up on tons of projects that have been waiting for a a long time (some since we got married!) started the month of visitors (different ones coming in every weekend over the month of January), and Josh began work at his job. Its been pretty fun as a whole, but I think this family will be ready for some down time before baby girl shows.

:: Symptoms ::

Well, I am starting to definitely feel like I'm carting around an extra 20-25 pounds at this point. Slower, rolly-er, a little lumbering at times. Sleep is still a little tough with needing to roll every couple hours for my hips' sake. Heartburn has also shown up something fierce and likes to remind me when I'm hungry or chose to eat something I probably shouldn't have (like pizza, or mexican for two meals in a row). I had a few days where milk sounded like the tastiest thing on the planet - that craving disappeared as quickly as it showed up. And while we're on the subject of food, when I get hungry, I get HUNGRY. Some days I do a better job of choosing healthy snacks. Some days, it's leftover cake, 'cause birthdays.

:: Movement ::

Rubiks spent the first half of this month flipping between breech and head down every other day, sending me into waves of panic each time I found her the wrong way.  Thankfully she has decided to stay head down, and spends most of her time working on my posture - feet in the ribs whenever I slouch or bend forward to grab something.

:: Worst Part ::

I finally got a cold. Preggo sick is no fun sick, because you can basically take... nothing for it.

:: Best Part ::

I apparently get my super energy at this point - like waking up alert at 5:30 in the morning, ready to go, no naps, get ALL THE THINGS done. I love being this productive.

My other favorite thing is in the category below :)

She's a keeper.

:: Dellie ::

This girl has started giving her little sister kisses and hugs every night before she goes to sleep.  It's been just about the sweetest thing, especially since I was starting to think Dellie just wasn't going to get into showing affection to her mother's stomach.

:: Hubby ::

Starting to get really excited, and starting to realize just how few weeks we have left. He has talked seriously about trying to pull a weekend jaunt San Diego for a last family-of-three trip, and I'm really hoping we can make it happen.

:: Looking Forward To ::

We have a couple more visitors coming out over the next week (which I'm looking forward to) but I am also looking forward to slowing down a bit, focusing on getting our world ready for baby, and taking time to enjoy this short time left of just the three of us.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Child!

....What a year. In case you haven't experienced a three year old, they are a trip. A wonderful, hilarious, trying, confusing, beautiful trip.  This girl was no exception.

We took trips around the neighborhood all spring...

Making our favorite stop to the purple orchid tree, along with every single flower along the way.

She took to naming each and every one, my particular favorite being the "yellow cornflowers."

We took a trip to Palm Springs in March...

Where Dellie has a blast visiting her grandparents...

Along with visiting each and every flower she found along the way.

In May, she took her first trip to Disneyland...

Where Minnie became a new family member and oh, what a trip it's been ever since that character has become a household name.

Minnie has traveled everywhere with us since then...

and has been a mouse, a bird, a kitten, a granddaughter, a best friend, and at times a terror for us parents.

In July, Dellie began the journey of becoming an older sister...

and while we're still waiting for the two to meet face to face, it has been a trip watching her figure out what it means to have a baby growing in Mommy's belly and what life will become with a little sister.

This last fall has been a trip of figuring out boundaries and freedom appropriate for an imaginative and curious little girl.

She has taken us for a trip with her imaginary worlds - playing princess, space ships, going to school, being Minnie's grandma...

with her blossoming skills in writing, pre-reading, tricycling, crafting, storytelling...

along with arguing, debating, and seeing just how much she can get away with.

We love you, Goob! Every wonderful and frustrating and lovable inch of you from your curly "yellow" hair to your Minnie Mouse light up shoes. We can't wait to continue seeing the little girl you're becoming!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

I decided this year that it was a sign I was a real adult when my response to the question, "are you ready for Christmas?" became "as ready as I'll ever be this year."

This year's Christmas season was really fun in a lot of ways.  It was Dellie's first year of really understanding how Jesus fit into the whole season, and was very much excited and impatient for Christmas day to arrive the whole month.

We also did spend the month waiting impatiently ourselves for either a job to show up or some divine help knowing if we needed to pack up our lives and move into our parents' basement.  Thankfully, the answer came just in time to be a wonderful Christmas present - Josh did get the job here in Phoenix we were hoping for.  We found out December 22nd, and it will be a really good fit for where we are at right now. It's a contract position that will last through May (just enough time to have a baby), and pays almost double what most of Josh's fellow graduates are making out of college (just enough money to afford a baby).  We are really relieved and see how God has taken care of the details with this job and what it will provide for us over the next few months as we transition into the workforce world and into becoming a family of four.

So, Christmas! We did do some fun things even though each day we found ourselves stressed to the noggin not knowing what our future was going to look like.

There were three things we wanted to make happen over the month - gingerbread house making, seeing Christmas lights, and going on a snow hunt.

Gingerbread houses were just as much of a success with Dellie this year as they were last year. I was also smart enough not to plan the mass sugar intake right before nap time. We got to do them with my parents as well as some friends, making it all the more merrier.

And we went and saw Christmas lights not once, not twice, but three times! Our first excursion was to a park up in Scottsdale that also doubles as a train museum.  Dellie was beyond herself when she saw a real train completely decked out, and loved taking a train ride through lighted scenes of all sorts of Christmas-y things. We did learn a valuable lesson - don't go to a popular Christmas event the last weekend before the holiday - you will have to wait in line for a very, very long time.

The second and third Christmas light excursions were to neighborhoods throughout Phoenix that pride themselves on going completely all out, including a walk through one backyard that is turned into the story of Jesus' birth. Dellie's favorites were one house that added a third story castle and another neighborhood that offered horse-drawn carriage rides up and down the street.

And, of course, no Christmas of ours is complete without a homemade tree! This year we went simple (easy up, easy down) with a yarn made one along with a few treasured (and lightweight) ornaments to hang along the string.

Christmas day was another small, low-key sort of day (like Thanksgiving) with a lot of opening gifts, skyping, and making a mini Christmas dinner.

It was precious watching her gasp after opening each and every present.

Our gift to Dellie this year was a whole slew of flowers for her to kill grow all by herself. Getting to paint all the pots her favorite shades of pink, purple, and yellow was an added bonus.

Helping make Christmas breakfast waffles with Dad. Sideways glances included.
One-upping our bacon-wrapped Thanksgiving turkey with a propane-torched ham. It was delicious.
And lastly, we finished off the Christmas trifecta with a trip up to Flagstaff the next day. It was, unfortunately, not as snowy as we were hoping, and we were delayed over an hour on our drive by two traffic accidents on the road and a combined 30 minute line at the McDonald's bathroom/order counter. The icy cold wind we experienced more than made up for the lack of powder, and we still were able to do some sledding and have a snowball fight with the leftover snow. It was truly wonderful for us adults to experience below freezing temperatures again (we both are ridiculously fond of all things winter and snow), and we were tickled that our Hawaiian born, desert raised daughter is developing just as much of a fondness herself.

Someone was kind enough to leave an intact sled at the park for us ;)
The rest of the season has been been spent getting our world ready for a whole lot of changes coming in 2016. We've been cleaning out closets and storage and getting wardrobes ready for jobs and growing bellies :)

How was your Christmas? Hope it was also a wonderful time!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weeks 25-28 With Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 25-28 ::

It's officially third trimester time! I can hardly believe its 11 13 weeks (sorry! preggo brain!) or less until we meet this little girl. This month was pretty eventful with my mom getting hospitalized, Thanksgiving, graduation, waiting for job potentials, and figuring out what on earth we were going to do about Christmas. It wasn't exactly my favorite last few weeks (honestly, it was really stressful) but it's been encouraging to see God carry our family through it all.

:: Symptoms ::

Heartburn is definitely kicking in more and more, mid/upper back pain every so often (I had to whip out the support band a couple weeks ago to help out on the worse days), braxton-hicks, not great sleep still, and waking up most mornings with achy hips and shoulders. I'm also starting to accidently run into things with my belly, like countertops and such, which is both hilarious and painful. The more fun symptoms have been stronger movements and being able to make out which part of her body this baby is poking me with. 

:: Movement ::

The crazy dances have definitely been exchanged for more purposeful, stronger, and in some ways slower movements. She's also become more responsive to loud noises, caffeine/sugar and getting poked and prodded by yours truly.

Sugar drink for the glucose test. Yum.

:: Worst Part ::

I had the glucose tolerance test done at 27 weeks, and while thankfully I passed, the process to get it done was incredibly frustrating.  I had to go to a lab to take the test, and what should have been a one hour test turned into a two and a half hour ordeal between poor communication, the wrong lab request form, and pretty awful customer service.

I've also been struggling with a lot of insecurity about weight gain, running out of shirts I can fit into, and whether I'm doing enough to prepare for a better delivery this time around. It's all stuff that I know truth about in my head, but emotions have been higher, making it harder to be peaceful about all of it.

::Best Part ::

I realized that this time last year I was getting ready for surgery to get rid of the cyst and wondering if I would be spending the next holiday season still hoping for another baby. It makes me so incredibly grateful for this little girl's existence and how far our world has come in a year.

:: Hubby ::

Josh changed our computer's wait mode from black screen to our photo album, which has meant seeing a ton of photos pop up from when Dellie was a baby. All the nostalgia is kicking in hard - we are getting more and more excited thinking about having a new baby in the house again. We were talking with Dellie about how her sister would be here next Christmas, and that she would probably be about 9 months old then.  Josh looked up and smiled and said, "That's going to be really fun - she's going to be in such a fun age this time next year!" 

:: Dellie ::

She's still dead set on her sister's name being Margaret and likes to poke my belly button while exclaiming that "it's a foot!" She's also decided she has "a little brother for Minnie in her belly" and likes to stick out her stomach to show how much bigger her stomach is getting too. 

She asked the other day if her sister will chew on all the Christmas presents next year. We will see kid, we will see.

:: Looking Forward To ::

The new year! I flip-flop between extreme excitement and sheer terror realizing that every day is coming closer to her arrival. But realizing come January, its countdown time to get life ready for being a family of four!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Graduation! ... And the Future...

Looks good on him, doesn't it?

After 3.5 years of full time school (including most summer school sessions), this guy is finished with a Bachelor's degree in Film Making Practices with a couple of minors in Business and Theatre.


The weekend was a pretty fun one, with my parents coming out (my mom barely made the OK to be released home from the hospital/rehabilitation center) to join in the celebration.

We started out the weekend by seeing "A Year With Frog and Toad" in musical form at the Childsplay Theatre here in town.

Dellie was really concerned about the prop trees looking scary at first, but as soon as the lights went up and the singing began, she had the time of her life. We all really enjoyed the play, particularly the part when the actors were throwing crumbled cookies all over the place :)

The favorite treat of choice by Dellie's grandpas is a good old fashioned strawberry milkshake. Without fail, she will get at least one opportunity to down a milkshake with either Gramps or Papa, and this trip proved no exception.

The sugar kicked in quickly and we soon found ourselves with a straw-in-mouth preschooler howling like a wolf inside Ted's Hot Dogs.

And in true form, the weekend wasn't complete without something going wrong - this time it was a bout of sickness that took both Dellie and Josh down the day of his graduation. So while he looks really excited in the top picture, Josh was actually rocking a serious fever and feeling like death. (Dellie was pumped full of tylenol to help her survive the ceremony, which thankfully she did with ease).

Life gave him the flu for graduation. Our small group gave him a half-eaten cake :)

The only question left is, what's next? Well, we still don't know. We are currently waiting to hear back on a potential video editing job here in Phoenix, but the company is having a tough time getting communication between the hiring manager and HR to happen, so we've been left not knowing if Josh has the job or not for about two and half weeks at this point, with no clue how much longer it may take. Our prayer is that we would hear (one way or another) before Christmas. It's been pretty frustrating feeling like we're being strung along, but it fits with the one clear thing we have heard from God as we have prayed about what to do and where to go next:

Just be patient.

So we're continually realigning our frustrated hearts and checking our finances and finding that God is here in the middle of this confusing mess. He's providing for us physically and spiritually, and meeting us each time we choose to face him instead of our circumstances. It's not the December we were hoping for, but we believe that we are in God's good plan.

So please pray for this job to come to a conclusion soon for us.  We would like it if Josh was hired at the place we are waiting to hear back from. And pray that God would continue to provide for our needs and continue to show Himself as a good father and as a sustainer of our spirits as we wait for the next step.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Mini Thanksgiving

So, when did it suddenly become December? I keep getting Grinchy every time I see Christmas decorations up, until I realize that it's actually time for them. The holidays have been blasting by ridiculously fast for me this year, and it's been hard to keep track of what's next.

Luckily, I remembered that Thanksgiving was coming just in time to get an appropriately themed book from the library to read to Kiddo and buy a turkey before they had all disappeared. Dellie was really excited about all the food we were going to eat ("we have to have cranberries, Mama!") and I thoroughly enjoyed having her actually track with the basics of why we celebrate by stuffing ourselves silly with food we never would eat otherwise.

And yes, we did bacon-wrap our turkey.

Family photo
This year's celebration turned out to be nice and small, which, in the end, was I think exactly what my little family needed. We're currently braving some unexpected stresses - one, my mom wound up in the hospital right before Thanksgiving week due to effects from chemo treatment (at least that's the best guess). We also are still sitting on our haunches waiting for Josh to get a job somewhere. We had originally set a timeline of mid-November for getting our future decided on (should we stay or go), but God decided our plans were not what He had in mind.

We watched football, Dellie taped and colored her very own "rocketship"
Post-dinner backyard hockey
So each day we wonder if we'll find out what we're supposed to do and how we're going to pay for another day's rent, but we also feel that God has very clearly told us to be patient and wait for Him.

We originally flip flopped between going back to Colorado to visit my family and get away from our world for a bit, but ultimately decided to stay here. And staying home, keeping it small and simple, and spending the time skyping with family and watching football was a really good thing for us. It gave us the chance to actually just stop and be thankful for what God has done for us these past years, and look forward to the good that we believe He has for us. He hasn't done anything except good in our lives these past years, so I think I can believe He has no intentions of changing that pattern anytime soon :)

How was your Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weeks 21-24 with Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 21-24 ::

Holy growth spurt!  Its sort of funny actually looking at this picture because it doesn't look like much change from last month. But from my aerial view that I get 24/7, the belly is a-growin. I realized that this is probably the last month of getting to really look and feel pregnant without all the super fun discomforts. Which is sort of funny because I keep thinking about how uncomfortable I already am. Oh boy :)

:: Symptoms ::

I am so thankful the headaches have simmered down and the nasal issues have gotten more manageable (thanks Mom for the tips!). The lastest and greatest have been the beginnings of second-half heartburn (which is actually somehow different than first trimester heartburn), braxton-hicks, itchy skin thanks to belly expansion, and sleep is still touch and go. And the struggle has gotten real in regards to bending over, putting on shoes, or getting up off the floor. Way, way too early for this.

:: Movement ::

I'm thankful this kid has a few inches to grow before she gets access to my ribs! She is a strong mover and sits, head down, nice and low all the time. At my 24 week appointment the midwife was impressed by her strength. It took a while to find her heartbeat (because she is sitting lower than the midwife was expecting) but there was no concern about he being alive because this girl would hit the doppler so hard the midwife was having trouble keeping it in place.

:: Missing Most ::

I'm already growing out of a lot of my clothes already. Vain, I know. Still, I'd rather be getting creative with my wardrobe any day for this kiddo.

:: Best Part ::

I've had a few fun evenings watching what look like mini bombs going off inside my stomach. It's the best phase, getting to see and feel her move around without it hurting much yet.

:: Hubby ::

The naming wars have begun! We honestly have no idea what this girl's name is going to be. I have a favorite, and am trying my dardnest to convince Josh of how wonderful it is. He still hasn't found a name he loves, but I think that's to my advantage thus far.

Getting her self "maked-up" for the day.
:: Dellie ::

She's been a little confused lately about the fact that she really is having a sister.  She asks a lot about why God gave her a sister and other people get brothers. She's also been asking a lot about how big her sister will be when she's born. Her initial guess was about 2 inches long, and doesn't believe me when I tell her that the baby will be as big as some of her dolls. I'm guessing its all just a lot to wrap around your brain when you're three. She's also still stuck on the name Margaret Tiger and worried about her toys getting chewed on.

She has wanted to "feel the baby" regularly, although that has consisted of poking my belly button and exclaiming "it moved!"

:: Looking Forward To ::

We're currently in a point in time where a lot is unknown about our future, particularly with graduating, finding a job, and moving (or not moving). I am really looking forward to all of those unknowns being answered one way or another. I know it isn't really baby related, but it's been such a big part of our world right now that I can't even really comprehend another child coming into our life without getting overwhelmed. It has made it harder to be purely excited for her arrival without a tinge of fear of what else in our world needs to shake out.