Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And So It Begins

Dear Reader,

We are currently one week and counting until we begin The Great Adventure

Its really too bad you can't create echo sounds when typing words.  If it was possible, the Great Adventure would be loud and echo-y.  I guess I will just have to do with capitalization and italics instead.

We [being myself, my hubby, our 6 month old daughter, two dogs, and the cat] will be moving to Tempe, Arizona early next week.  To the people of Phoenix and the surrounding areas, this is your warning.  The size of our moving truck alone will make a permanent crater in the landscape.  Not like you guys need any more of those.

The reason for this bit of insanity on our part is to send my husband off to college at Arizona State. Where he will be a student full-time.  And I will work to spend as little money as possible over the next few years.

Two years ago, my husband and I sat down at talked through what we wanted our family to look like.  We realized that my husband's job in the Army wasn't going to allow the family life we wanted.  So we decided that when his enlistment term was finished, he would leave the Army and use the GI Bill to finish school.

We both have done time as college students in years past, and trying to keep one mouth fed and clean on a student budget is hard enough.  We're trying to do it with six mouths.  Granted, three of them are a lot less picky than I was in college, but the reality of what we are trying to accomplish is a little daunting.  And crazy.  But I figure since we're crazy enough to try doing it, there might be readers out in the world wide web who would be crazy enough to be interested.

I also want this blog to be a resource on two topics that are close to my heart: using cloth diapers and eating a gluten-free diet.  [I should probably interject at this moment and say, no, I am not an environmentalist, even though I really sounded like one in that last sentence]. Here's a quick scoop on the why's:
  • I found that the world of cloth diapers can be confusing and misleading to future parents.  Most conversations I have with friends and family about cloth diapers goes something like this, "You're crazy, but good for you.  I could never do that."  I really, truly believe that cloth diapers are not hard.  I want to use this blog as an outlet to share my passion and to provide a resource that simply explains using cloth diapers.
  • Over the last year, my husband has discovered that he has a sensitivity to gluten.  My natural tendency is to eat as many rolls on the dinner table as I'm allowed, so learning how to eat [and cook] without gluten has been an experience.  I want to use this blog also as an easy go-to resource for others like me who are just beginning the learning curve involved with eating gluten-free.
I realize that these topics have very little to do with each other, except that my goal is to make simple resources on both topics.  I truly hope that this blog will be fun, informative, and relational for you as a reader.  And I truly hope over the next few weeks to get this puppy up and running!

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