Friday, August 17, 2012

Gluten-Free Through The Drive-Through [At Wendy's]

I am extremely proud to say that we have not eaten fast food since we moved last week.  This is a really big deal for us, because my husband and I would find every excuse in the book to eat out "just this once."  We were in the middle of errands and needed the boost; we were stressed and needed a little Taco Bell pick-me-up; it was Friday and we needed to celebrate surviving another week; the list could go on.  Reality is, fast food was a comfort thing for both of us.  And we really don't have the budget or the calories to regularly spend on that kind of comfort.  

Its pretty difficult to eat out when you're not supposed to eat wheat. However, there is a time and a place for fast food.  If there wasn't, I don't think it would exist.  So what does a person do if they're allergic to/intolerant of one of the most common ingredients found in fast food?  Struggle through the company's re-donculous allergy spreadsheet, get really frustrated, and get the hamburger anyway.  And then pay for your sins for the next 24 hours. 

I started compiling a list of foods that Josh could eat at fast food places because I didn't like to see him suffer.…actually, its because of selfish motives born of midnight stink bombs under the sheets.  I found that Wendy's is a pretty good place for people seeking gluten-free options that don't suck.  I didn't create an exhaustive list of every possible thing you could get that was gluten free, but instead a quick reference of menu choices that you could look at while waiting in line.

Here's the Wendy's menu, revamped sans gluten!

Sad news, Wendy's fries didn't make the cut.  Apparently they are okay, but they are cooked in the same grease that other food with gluten is often cooked.  Bummer.

This information was compiled based on Wendy's information packet found here. They state that their list does not include temporary menu options, and was last updated June 2012.

I hope that you find these mini menus to be helpful in your next excursion through the drive through!

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