Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Finally Learned How To Spell Humongous Tonight.

This is for anyone who was wondering what its like living in Phoenix.

Apparently we are in the middle of the hottest week of the year, according to everyone we have met over the last two days.  Good timing on our part.

Moving down Monday night turned into more of an adventure that we would have liked.  Our plan for a 14 hour drive through the night became a 20 hour drive through the night and part of the next day.  Two hours in, lights on the moving truck dashboard started flashing and making noises - turned out that the coolant was low [lot of fuss for such an easy fix].  Funny thing about the truck problems, we had a very similar thing happen to us [almost exactly] 4 years ago when we moved from California.  Two hours into our drive, the trailer hitched to the moving truck started acting up, and we had to stop and get it fixed.  If something happens to the moving truck the next time we move cross-country, I'm going to start paying closer attention.  To what, I don't know.  I'm not all that sure what exactly it would mean, but I'm guessing something important.

 Huge kudos to Penske, though!  Both last time and this time around, the company got someone out to look at the problem as quickly as possible.  I know a track record like ours doesn't look too good, but their customer service has been good enough I still plan to use them again. 

The trip also reminded me why I like cloth diapers better than disposables.  Kiddo started getting really fussy the last 45 minutes of the trip.  I didn't think much of it, being that she was probably hungry and sick of her car seat.  When we finally got to our new house, I found out the real reason she was so mad.  She had a HUMONGOUS poo-splosion through her diaper, upwards into her armpit.  And her brand new car seat was christened as well.

You may not believe me, but this is truth, people.  That never would have happened in a cloth diaper. Unless it was put on wrong.  And that's why I use cloth diapers.

Keep cool readers!  I know we're trying!

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