Friday, August 3, 2012

Its Like Rocket Science!

There's a reason rocket launches start their countdown days in advance.  Because something with a lot of logistics can get complicated really, really easily; and when something doesn't go as planned, having the extra days is really, really helpful.  


We had a pretty significant hiccup in our moving plans yesterday.  Our household goods (which will be known hence forth as "our stuff") were scheduled to show up, and we had wrapped our entire week around said event.  However, the moving company let us know at 1 p.m. that they were not going to be able to get our stuff moved out until the next day.

So instead we went and bought Adelle a new convertible size car seat for the drive to Phoenix.  And then we went and saw the new Batman movie.


We already had two really big and important things we needed to get done today.  Adding a full day of moving our stuff from one truck to another was the last thing we needed.  But we faced the day head on and killed it. 

[Now I am afraid the day will turn into a zombie, then come back and bite us in the rear.]

that's only half of our stuff
no one could ever spell our last name correctly in Hawaii
What crazy amazing things did we accomplish? Let me tell you.  All three animals went to the vet and got health certificates.  Almost all of our stuff got packed into the moving truck.  And we survived the Social Security office and got Adelle's replacement card.  Yes, we lost her card during the initial move from Hawaii.

Now something that actually relates to cloth diapers!

We have decided to temporarily switch to disposables for the move.  Driving down with kiddo in cloth wouldn't be a big deal, except we aren't sure that our new place has a washing machine.  And holding onto stinky diapers until we got a washer would be, well, stinky.

Every time I switch Adelle over to disposables I'm reminded of how much I like cloth diapers.  Disposables have a smell when they get dirty that cloth doesn't emanate in the same way. Also, in my experience, disposables leak poo more easily than cloth does.

Send a little prayer our way tonight; we have an incredibly full weekend saying goodbye to friends and family.  The moving truck is incredibly full too.  It's going to be hard to make the last bits and pieces fit.

Happy Friday to you all, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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