Friday, September 28, 2012

Domino's Does Gluten-Free!

I am super excited to get to share this with you!  I found out last weekend that Domino's Pizza now has a gluten-free pizza.


Okay, maybe you already knew that, but it was news to me.

I found out about this awesomeness through some awesome friends of ours who fed us after we showed up super late to help at their garage sale.  I know, we are the lamest friends ever.  "Hi, we're here to help watch you tear down!  Oh yeah, we'll totally eat some pizza on your dime too!" 

They were really sweet and even got the gluten-free pizza for Josh.

Pardon the iffy picture. It was taken, last minute, on my phone.

So here's our take on it:  The crust is a typical gluten-free crust.  It is very thin, but not crunchy at all.  Like typical gluten-free baked items, the crust is dense and chewy. However, it still tastes pretty good.  The rest of the ingredients taste like regular Domino's ingredients [yum!].

There is an unfortunate hiccup with it, however.  While the crust is gluten-free, it is not [I repeat, not] prepared in a gluten-free environment at the store you order it from.  I'm guessing once they rip it out of the packaging it gets placed on the same counter as all the other pizzas, and baked in the same oven as the regular pizzas as well.  So, like it says above, know your gluten intolerance limits.  Or the the limits of the person you might be ordering it for. In Josh's case, he can handle a little bit of cross contamination, so this pizza is something that he will be okay with eating.

Another bummer is the price tag - when I checked prices in our area, the total for a gluten-free pizza was $12.99.  That's for a small size, with only cheese.  When I asked Josh what his take was on the pizza, once he knew the cost, he said, "I've had better tasting pizza for less at restaurants. But I do like the idea that we can order delivery again."

So that's where we stand.  If we're just really craving the delivery pizza experience and willing to shell out a few extra bucks, Domino's will be the place to go.  Same thing goes with any get-togethers where ordering pizza might come up.  Now Josh isn't stuck eating carrot sticks while we all nom on pizza.   Domino's has opened up a simple dinner options that was once one of the three big bummers about a gluten intolerance - pizza, burgers, and bagels.

Hope you have a great weekend, readers!  We're going to finally buy a microwave this weekend.  It was fun going all Little House on the Prairie without one for a couple months, but its time to give in.  I'm getting sick of trying to defrost Dellie's baby food with boiling water.

What are your weekend plans?  Tell me in the comments below!  Hopefully they involve ordering some pizza :)

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