Monday, September 3, 2012

So What Exactly Is A Cloth Diaper?

This is part one of a series called, "The Poop on Cloth Diapers." [To head back to the beginning, simply click on the series title in quotes]

Basically, a cloth diaper is a reusable alternative to Huggies.

What many people think of when they hear "cloth diaper" is a big piece of cotton wrapped around a baby and held together by a pin. 

please ignore the creepy cat. he's a bit of an attention whore.
While you are welcome to keep it old school, cloth diapers today are much more than just fabric and pins.

 This is today's cloth diaper. 

pretty cute, don't ya think?

Modern cloth diapers are used just like disposables [use once and done], only they get washed in the washing machine after they get dirty instead of getting thrown away.

A cloth diaper is usually made of three fabric parts:

A "liner" [other names used are sleeve, inner]  - this part is designed to be soft on baby's bum and to wick urine away from the skin into the insert

[wicking means that the fabric is good at pulling moisture away from the skin.  The moisture then travels through the fibers of the liner and is absorbed into the diaper insert] 

An "insert" - multiple layers of absorbing fabric, sewn together, which soak up urine

A "cover" [wrap, shell] - a waterproof liner to protect the outside world from what's inside the diaper.

The waterproof cover fastens with either snaps or velcro.  It also has elastic around the leg and rear openings to keep poo contained inside.

So essentially, pee winds up soaking into the insert, poo sits on the liner, and everything is held inside by the cover.

 ...And that's it! How easy was that?

See you on Friday for gluten-free goodness, and next Monday for part two of this series, where I will be answering the question, "Can I do this cloth diaper thing?"

P.S. For my readers just beginning to learn about cloth diapers, this post was written to explain cloth diapers as simply as possible.  I realize there are a lot of details I didn't cover.  Hopefully over the rest of this series, most of your questions will get answered.  However, if you do still have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments section below!  I will try my hardest to respond within two days.

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