Monday, October 22, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Party

So we actually had such a good time that... I forgot to take any pictures.  But I promise, it was a blast! We even had a clear winner with our beer tasting - it was [drumroll please!]...


I know, it's mean of me to not tell you which beer actually won, but I am not here to promote a particular company's beer.  Besides, if I just told you which beer was best, you would have no reason to have your own Great Pumpkin party.  And therefore forget to take pictures of the extremely awesome time you had.

We're planning on doing this again, hopefully for the holidays. Any recommendations for great holiday beers?  I would love to know your favorites!

*Update 12/12 - someone kindly [and rightly!] pointed out that beer has wheat in it.  You are so right, and I realize that it's kind of weird that I am writing about a beer party on a gluten-free eating blog.  Shame on me for not catching that earlier :(  My husband has found that, for him, beer doesn't have much of an effect on his gut.  Because of that, he does let himself indulge in beers every so often.  It's a personal choice of his - we have also been experimenting with gluten-free beers and I hope to share some of our better finds with you down the road. Thanks for being so flexible with this blogger!

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