Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Morning's Scorpion [A Handmade Baby Costume]

We found another scorpion on our kitchen floor this morning.  It is by far the biggest sighting so far.

A little back story for those of you who might not know: Since moving to Tempe in August, we have found eight scorpions in our house and backyard.  Friends who have lived here their whole lives are astounded, because apparently this is not normal, especially considering our neighborhood.  I feel like dressing Kiddo up as a scorpion sums up with what our world has been like since moving here. Crazy, cute, with a hint of the ridiculous.

Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this costume idea.  I'm even prouder of myself for pulling it off.  Most of all, I'm proud that I made it for less than $10.

Here's how it happened.  Take one six month size footed pajama from the clearance rack at Target.

Cut out scorpion design from felt. Sew, stuff, and then sew some more.

The pincers, legs, and tail were all first sewn by machine, then stuffed.  I then hand-stitched them, along with the back and arm designs by hand onto the back of the pajamas.  All in all, not too hard.  Felt might be my new favorite fabric.

Only downside is the footies are making it very hard for Dellie to crawl around.  But she's managing :)

Happy Halloween from J&S Extermination Services ;)

Shelby, Josh, and Adelle


  1. that is too awesome! you are so crafty!

  2. I laughed aloud. You are amazingly creative.

  3. I just loved her costume..and the parents too :)