Monday, October 15, 2012

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here We Come.

We don't actually have a clothes line like the typical, old-school ones you might be thinking of.  We just have a little fold up accordion rack that I like to drag around the back patio every few days.  You can just barely squeeze a full load of diapers on it, and it has a tendency to fall over from the slightest breeze.  In fact, we had to bolster the sucker up with paint cans and tool boxes every time we used it when we lived in Hawaii.  Thankfully, Arizona doesn't seem to really be windy.  Ever.

I really do love using dryers.  I love how warm and fluffy clothes get after going through the dryer.  Same thing goes with Dellie's cloth diapers.  However, using your dryer in Arizona can be really expensive.  We have to avoid using the dryer between 3 and 6 p.m. to keep the electric bill down - the price for electricity is almost ten times more expensive during those hours.  Somehow, I always wind up timing my diaper drying right at that time, so I end up having to use the drying rack out of necessity.

Turns out, its not a bad deal.

Arizona is a pretty good place to dry clothes outside [especially during the summer].  Its hot and dry, just like a dryer. Only its free.  The sun also does this pretty nifty thing where it actually helps get stains out.  Which is a huge plus with cloth diapers, because poo stains happen a lot.

Do you use a drying rack?  What do you like about using one?

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. We had a clothesline in our backyard several years ago as our dryer had the wrong voltage for the old house we were renting. I remember how fast they dried in the Arizona sun and how they smelled coming off the line. It was a nice being outdoors hanging them up even in the heat of the day because it was only a moment in time. Kids played nearby under the shade of our oleanders. On rare occasions of bad weather, however, we had clothes hanging in the bathrooms.