Monday, November 5, 2012

Why I Use Cloth Wipes

I will begin by saying that I totally recognize that there are about a bazillion other blog posts about the wonders of cloth wipes. This post is simply me chiming in to say that I like them too!

I didn't believe any of the praises I read about cloth wipes for months.  I honestly just thought it was a bunch of crazy zealous earth mamas. But enough people were writing about how using cloth wipes was really simple and you could even make them yourself for nothing.  I eventually decided that buying a dozen cloth wipes to test out wasn't going to hurt anyone.

Guess what? Everything people have said about cloth wipes is true.

- They are easy to use. All I have to do is spray a little bit of my wipes solution onto a cloth wipe, use, and then toss the wipe with the diaper.  Before, I would have to try and separate the disposable wipe out from the diaper and throw each into their individual trash can [gross].  Now, it all goes into the same trash can, which all gets washed together.  Easy peasy.

- They are cheap.  The first pack of cloth wipes that I bought cost me $11.  Since then, I have just made cloth wipes with leftover flannel my mom gave me.  I have more than I could even possibly need for the same price as a 700-count box of disposable wipes.

- They are environmentally friendly. In all honesty, I'm not a particularly earth-friendly person. A lot of times I feel like recycling is just too complicated.  I mean, seriously, who can actually keep track of what those numbers actually stand for? But using cloth wipes is really, truly, a straight-forward, visibly environmental thing that I can do.  I don't create waste with all those disposable wipes, and I don't have to add wash time or detergent to my load of cloth diaper laundry. I actually get a little proud of myself knowing that in this silly little way, I am helping reduce trash by using cloth wipes.

Do you use cloth wipes?  What do you like about them?


  1. How does the solution work? because lets be honest Pinterest is full of a billion ideas for the greatest clean solution and I have no idea what is real and what is funky! Also random question, do you CD at night?

  2. Yeah, I had a lot of trouble figuring out which solution to run with. I actually think I spent two solid weeks researching my options. I ended up going with a tablespoon each of baby oil and baby shampoo mixed into a spray bottle full of water. It seems like its working pretty well so far. And I do cd at night. I *just* started having to stuff an extra insert at night, though. I am curious to see how I feel about using cloth overnight when Adelle really starts peeing at night.

  3. Hmm, once again, this is something I haven't done but am seriously considering it as wipes are expensive... and I literally have to buy a new package almost every week! (Amazon won't ship to our military address overseas, sigh.) I'll just have to see if I can get the hubby on board. Poopy cloth diapers still trigger his gag reflex. :-P

  4. Hi Becca (and welcome!) - I hear you about trying to deal with shipping - we did that while we were stationed in Hawaii. I do still use disposable wipes for poo, cause it just feels more sanitary to me. But for wet diapers, cloth wipes are equal, if not a little better, than regular wipes. Good luck with the convincing :) I think you have a pretty good case though!