Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cloth Diapers at 10 Months

I've been trying to figure out lately what to write about for cloth diapering.  This may have been obvious by my lack of anything cloth diaper related over the last month :) One thing that I thought might have some real value to write about is my experience month-to-month using cloth diapers. I have come up with a series of questions that I plan to answer each month about how things are going.

This monthly update is intended to be my personal example of what cloth diapering looks like on a month to month basis.  I'm really curious to see how things trend month-to-month for us - now I will actually have a record instead of trying to rely on my poor memory.  I will share any issues that come up and how we are dealing with them, along with some numbers and brands that are working particularly well at this age. Keep in mind that babies and experiences vary - these posts are simply to share with you how things are going with us.

Adelle turns 11 months tomorrow.  Last month of infancy! Here's a quick snapshot of the last month of our cloth diaper world.

Adelle - 10 Months 

# of Children: 1

Gender: female

Size: 16 lbs, 26 in

Average # of Diapers a day: 9

Laundry Schedule: Just about every 3 days, on the dot.

Routine: 2 pre-folds used during awake times, all-in-ones during naps/bed

Diaper Size: One size diapers - middle settings, Thirsties covers - size 2, smallest settings, Disposables - size  3

Leaking?: Yes! This child has definitely started peeing more, both while she is awake and over night.  I have found that if I don't change her within 1 1/2 hours while she's awake, she will soak through onto her clothes.

How's the Poo?: Still in the semi-solid state.  Honestly, I prefer this stage right now.  her "leftovers" are solid enough they usually just roll into the toilet [so no need to really spray], but they haven't started to get the Toddler stink to them yet. Unfortunately, they are leaving more permanent stains on the diapers that I am having trouble getting out.

Night Time: We are still using cloth diapers overnight, and started putting 2 inserts inside this month. She went through a week where she soaked through by morning, which prompted some troubleshooting.  After making sure we didn't have a repelling issue, we started stuffing an extra insert at night. Since then, we have had no issues.

Did you Use Disposables?: Yes.  We had a church retreat over the weekend and a couple date nights where using disposables just made more sense. There was one afternoon I used disposables to combat an on-coming rash with butt paste.

Any Changes: Now using extra inserts at night.

Any Issues: We thought we had a repelling issue when she started soaking through diapers regularly.  My first reaction was to stop using our cloth wipes solution.  Reason was that I had read that our particular concoction can sometimes leave residue on diapers, which may in turn cause them to repel instead of soak.  I'm pretty sure our issue was actually a bigger bladder, but I haven't gotten around to using cloth wipes yet.  I am planning this next month to get back to using them.

Favorite Brand: I'm really loving our Bummi's TotBots this month.  They are fitting really well on her, and do a good job of soaking up overnight.

Still Like Cloth?: I know, silly question :) But who knows?  Maybe I'm going to suddenly hate it some day.  I still really like it.  I have moments [usually when she's had a particularly messy poo] where disposables sound more appealing.

These questions were based on my experiences over the last month.  The questionnaire set will probably vary somewhat each month, but I hope to get a set group of them that I consistently answer each time.

Do you have any particular questions you'd like to see answered each month? Let me know in the comments sections below!

Hope you had a good weekend!  We finally got Christmas decorations up - I'll be putting pictures up later this week of my $1.99 Christmas Tree :)

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