Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

but not yet, because you're still only one.
For Adelle's first birthday, I went with a Dr. Seuss theme - specifically, I themed it off of the book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"  I thought it was fitting, considering how much travel we have put this child through over the last year, and also because of the big plans we have for her life.  Nothing too specific, but we as parents want her to aspire big and desire to make good changes happen in our world.

For the decorating, I did four main things:
  1. Decorated cupcakes like a mad woman.
  2. Created hanging paper mobiles.
  3. Drew up a banner.
  4. Made a poster of her one-year-old stats.
Food consisted of:
  1. A baby food bar [it was a birthday for a baby, after all!]
  2. Burgers and hot dogs for the rest of us.
First off, a cupcake montage!

The picture in the middle?  My dad lost control of that cupcake while decorating it.  He did catch it before it landed... face down, all over his hands.

Oh yeah!  My parents came out for the party - which happened to be the best thing that could have happened.  I can't decorate cakes at all, however, my mom can. She knew what all we needed and then made it happen.

She even made Josh some gluten-free cupcakes, so he wouldn't be left out on the fun.

The inspiration for the mobiles came from Pinterest.  [Here's the link to the original source.]

I found out a couple things with making these - sewing paper is ah-mazingly easy. It doesn't stretch or tear or do anything annoying that fabric tends to do.  I'll give you a quick tutorial of just how easy these were in a couple of days.

Can you believe I actually drew that banner free-hand?  Me either.  I liked how it turned out so much that I put it up in Kiddo's room after the party.

Josh came up with a neat "game" for the party where everyone was asked to write or draw the places they want to go.  The original idea was more of a "where do you want to be in 20 years" but it turned into a lot of visiting or moving to other states/countries [which was still pretty fun].

Here's the poster I made with all of Kiddo's one year stats!  I got the idea from a couple of Pinterest finds [you can find them on my first birthday board].  All it took was a black foam poster board, metallic paint pens, a ruler, and some creativity!

You probably noticed that her actual stats are not on the board.  Her one year check up is today, where I will get all those much needed numbers.  Once its done I'll put up a finished picture.

Update: It's done!  Here it is, all finished...

she's a little kid!

...And here's a decent picture of us next to it :)

The baby food bar consisted of a couple of Kiddo's favorite baby foods [applesauce and Chex mix], along with a couple of your standard baby food fare.  Not only did the other babies show their appreciation of having food available to them, but even a few adults found out that pureed peas is a decent chip dip.

Party time!

"thanks, Jesus!"
Dellie got her own giant cupcake to smash. She was very excited about it.

She, however, is more of a cake-picker than a smasher.

To end, here's some pictures of the party!  Enjoy!

becky compares with the book.

burger makers extraordinaire
burgers on a corn tortilla
some of adelle's friends hang out


  1. waaay fun! Love the picture of the giant cupcake hovering over Dellie. And, of course, the burger maker extraordinaire :)

  2. He was a huge help! I really appreciated having him jump in to make burgers :)

  3. How do you do those cupcakes, I'm sure I'll have a DUH moment if I ever figure it out.