Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Baby Leggings Are More Than Just Trendy

When kiddo was still cooking, and I was obsessing over cloth diapers, I ran across these.

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Amazon's website had recommended them to me, based on how much time I had been spending staring at cloth diapers.  My first reaction was something along these lines:

"Really?!? Are we in the  80's still?"

So I decided to see what the hubbub was all about.  Actually, my hubby decided to see what the deal was.  His male-no-nonsense brain saw the leggings and said, "that's a really good idea.  With those you won't have to keep pulling pants up and down all day."

He had a point.

We bought one pair of leggings - pink with black polka dots and a huge fabric flower around the ankle.  Oh. My. Word. they were so over the top.  I was a little embarrassed to even put them on Dellie the first time, and again the second and third.

But they really did make diaper changes a lot easier.  I am absolutely the worst at keep pants on babies while trying to change them - usually I have to just take them completely off and then try to wrangle them back on.  Usually by the fourth change, the pants just don't make it back on her.

trying to pants a newborn is hard
Fast forward to today - we currently own four pairs of leggings. I'm starting to really believe in the miracle of baby leggings. Here's a couple reasons why:

1. Those polka dot ones from the previous picture?  They still fit one year later.  A piece of children clothing that adapts to a rapidly growing baby is potentially life-changing. From what I understand, those leggings can eventually be used as arm warmers when Dellie gets too tall for them.  Once again, a piece of child's clothing that can adapt like that is a pretty awesome thing to own.

2. Not only are they great for changing wiggly babies, they are great for protecting crawling knees.

3. Cloth diapers make for big baby butts. Sometimes, pants don't fit over cloth diapered infants.  With leggings, a baby's legs stay warm without the need for trying to make those oh-so-cute-but-way-too-tight-baby-jeans button up.

One downside - trying to coordinate leggings with onesies is a pain in the rear.  Okay, it's really hard for me - but you are probably not nearly as fashion challenged as I am.

[I definitely put my child is this exact outfit the other day.  Halfway through the day I realized what awful, horrible thing I had done to her.]

My Conclusion: baby leggings are one of the few trends in baby fashion that actually make sense. However, the sticker shock can leave many thinking "Nuh uh, no way."

A couple cheaper options - check thrift stores, especially re-sale baby boutiques.  Love Child in Tempe has been a great local place to find gently used leggings for only $3 a pair. There are many smart mamas who make leggings using old sweaters or socks, or even knitting them from scratch!

Do you use baby leggings? What your favorite thing about using them?


  1. Wow, I've heard about these, especially recently in a freeeeeezing cold house while potty training. But I've never gotten on the band wagon because of a) sticker shock and b) laziness (so I haven't yet knit my own). Now I'm thinking twice! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I find that the leggings are very tight at the top (near my daughter's thighs, even though she's only 2 months old). They left marks on her skin when I had them on her for just an hour or so. Yet they fit loosely everywhere else. Any suggestions?