Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Varentine's Day!

My husband and I have this really bad habit of talking with weird voices and mis-saying words.  It is a regular fear that when our kid begins actually talking, she is going to pick up on the voice we have dubbed her with since birth, and won't know how to say words properly, like "valentines" or "really."

Wanna know what we were doing 5 years ago, this day?

We were getting married.

Quick trivia: the state of Colorado does not require both parties to be present to sign a marriage license.  The absent one just has to fill out a bunch of paperwork and find someone crazy enough to represent and sign for them.  That, my readers, is what we did, this day, five years ago.

So to celebrate our fifth anniversary and the sappiest day of the year, we did Valentine's a day early.

a gluten-free, pancake, bacon, and grease-soaked egg breakfast.

Dellie was introduced to bacon for her second Valentine's Day.  She didn't quite get it, however, so her daddy more than willingly finished her piece for her.

Both daughter and mother received a hand-written poem from their loves.

We spent the day by going to the public library for some school research, having way too serious of a marriage conversation while kiddo napped, making up, and having our first nice date in months.  We had dinner at The Stockyards [steak, yum!] and Slickables ice cream sandwiches.

Today we're hoping to go get some free Qdoba for the price of a public smooch.  Then a birthday dinner delivery for a lovely friend.

Valentine's, for me, is not complete without some delicious cheesecake. A super delish gluten-free version is Japanese cheesecake, found over at Green Cilantro.

[image and recipe are both from Green Cilantro]

What are your plans for today? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Wow! We did laundry and worked in the basement.
    P.S. That cheesecake looks SUPER yummy!

  2. That cheesecake is super yummy! I made it a couple months back and everyone loved it! Its pretty intensive, though, so making it was a bit of an adventure. I've been meaning to blog about it since doing it, but just never got around.