Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Weekend Nonsense

Since I have about 20 minutes to write something fantastic, and nothing is coming to mind [that can be written in 20 minutes], I'm going to bore you lovely readers with some random weekend nonsense!

-Friday was highlighted by the turning in of the husband's SUPER INTENSE application for the big kid's film program.  Yep, that's what it's officially called in these circles.  After two months of getting multiple references, writing two 3-page papers that critically analyzed a film and himself, and pounding out a 30-page script, he's done.  We made shortbread cookies to celebrate that I may actually get to see him on a regular basis once again.

-We had this bag of gluten-free shortbread cookie mix sitting around for a while after getting it on discount at Big Lots.  Did you know Big Lots sells gluten-free mixes for cheap?  Now you do.

-The cookie mix was pretty delish, but required twice as much water as the instructions said, and the cookies have a really bad habit of crumbling if not handled with care.  Or if the box gets dropped three feet.

-My goal for the month of February is to get all the carpets cleaned in our house. Saturday turned into a cleaning extravaganza that has ended with almost all but one room done, a working motorcycle, three piles of dead branches in the backyard, and a steam vacuum that looks like a giant, dead scorpion on the floor.

-I had every intention of making this soup for dinner Saturday night [hearty and delicious sounds perfect after a long day of home care catch-up]. My efforts were thwarted when, upon stirring all my lentils into the pot, I discovered a black bean that wasn't actually a black bean. Being that it was supposed to be a vegetarian soup, I felt the need to dump the whole thing into the trash can.  So instead we feasted on brinner/breakfast-for-dinner.

-Cute-patootie has started singing in church.  And insisting on playing music constantly, while shaking her rattle or banging blocks together.  As a biased mother, I find it adorable.  Also, maybe a sign of musical potential?  Here's to hoping...

How was your weekend? Make any new discoveries or do something infinitely more interesting?

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  1. Connie Vader-LindholmFebruary 26, 2013 at 3:39 AM

    If she has anywhere near the musical gifts of her mom, your hopes will come true. Sounds like she is off to a good start. I can hardly wait to here her sing. As a biased grandmother, I already find that adorable! :)