Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Blogger Connection


I mentioned that I had a c-section a couple times in this blog.  [No, I'm not going to post my story. Yet. I am going to at some point soon, though.]  It's been a really hard struggle for me.

I got lucky - no, God was kind - and I ran across the blog, Walking With Dancers, while I was in the midst of a really down point.  Lydia [said blogger] has a c-section story that I feel like is so close to mine, and has blogged openly about her journey through dealing with her c-section and through a successful VBAC.  Much of what she has written has been things I have really been able to relate with, and have been instrumental in my beginning process of healing emotionally from my own c-section.  [Part of that is going to be writing out my story, as honest as possible. Which I keep saying is going to happen, because I'm scared enough of chickening out that I'm promising multiple times to make sure it actually happens!]

So I was super excited when she posted that she is going to do a c-section recovery project on her blog!  She is asking for ladies who have had a c-section, or who knows someone closely whose had a c-section, to help her out with a project by answering a bunch of questions.

Here's why it's so exciting for me - Lydia's blog is the only blog/website I have run across is my search for help that has approached her journey spiritually.  While this survey isn't only for c-section mamas of the Christian persuasion, it does have elements to it that I truly believe are going to be awesome.

So, if you an relate, and have some time to answer some survey questions, head over to her blog!

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