Monday, April 22, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I promise for Wednesday to have a relatable post about yummy food and happy days.  Not for today though. This weekend took it out of me.

The Good:

This weekend is over.  And it will be "cooler" tomorrow [as in, 91 instead of 97]. And I saved 2/3 of my fabric after a small-ish disaster with the cat.

The Bad:

This weekend was National Guard weekend.  Which essentially meant there was no weekend.  It's 97 today and I found out I don't have the key to the community pool.  So I spent 30 minutes dressing/sunscreening myself and my child for naught.

The Ugly:

Wondering what that whole cat disaster was?  No? Too bad.

Saturday morning, about an hour after Josh left, I found myself following a stench to the office.  Turns out, our cat decided he didn't want to use his litter box anymore, and instead urinated all over a pile of fabrics that had been on the floor.  [I take full resposibility for leaving it there for the last nine months.] So I got to spend my entire weekend cleaning up after him.  Good news was most of the fabric was saved after a few runs through the washing machine.  Bad news was the carpet smelled and needed shampooing.  The ugly news was that the most expensive fabric isn't doing so well.  Funny thing about minky - it absorbs everything, including cat stink.

I'm open to any and all advice for a last ditch effort to get the ammonia smell out.  So far I've tried doing a vinegar rinse cycle and using cloth diaper detergent. Do you know the secret to getting these smelling fresh again?  Please, please, please let me know.

Thanks for listening, and again, happy times will come again on Wedsnesday.

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