Monday, May 13, 2013

Cloth Diapers at 15 Months

Another month down... already!  Getting each month written here for posterity [if for nothing else] is so good for me - its a regular reminder as each day marches on that time really is going by.

You may notice [probably only because I am alerting to this!] that her weight has "gone down." I don't think in reality she has lost weight, but she hasn't gained any either - this month's numbers are from her doctor's appointment, where she was naked and on an accurate scale. Usually I just weigh her when I weigh myself. You know, weigh you both, do the subtraction, blah blah blah; I think you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, things are pretty steady in the cloth diaper department.  Honestly, not much to report.  I almost feel silly posting this because I'm practically copying and pasting from last month.  I promise to actually work on answering the questions, though :)

Adelle - 15 Months 

# of Children: 1

Gender: female

Size: 18 lbs 10 oz, 28.75 in

Average # of Diapers a day: 9

Laundry Schedule: Every three days.

 Routine: 2 pre-folds used during awake times, all-in-ones during naps, all-in-ones with hemp insert at night

Diaper Size: One size diapers - middle settings, Thirsties covers - size 2, second smallest setting, Disposables - size  3

Leaking?: Yes, once in cloth diapers [not stuffed right] and once in disposables.  It's funny, I realize whenever I use disposables that they just aren't as good.  More convienent, definitely; but the coverage is lacking and they're just asking for stuff to leak right out or up them.

How's the Poo?: Manageable, but we've been going through some stinkers this month. Don't know if what we were feeding her was causing it, or if it was just a bug.

Did you Use Disposables?: Yes, for a couple of days, due to a couple of nasty poo-based diaper rashes.

Any Changes: Changed the settings on a couple of diapers to make them longer in front [for those who care, it was the Fuzzibunz].  She is definitely becoming a wearer of low rider diapers in front, but because her legs are so skinny, I'm having to just leave the settings on most diapers the same and ratchet the diapers tighter around the waist.  I'm finding that having diapers that are size adjustable is super nice, because I can mess around to make them fit her body.  I have one diaper that isn't adjustable, and its just asking for a blowout around the legs.  I think I will have to write a post praising the wonders of the adjustable fit sometime :)

Any Issues: Nada.

Still Like Cloth?: Forever and always.

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