Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Year of School: Done!

Josh took his final final [ha ha] for year one of film school last Thursday.

I think I'm way more excited than he is.

While we did do some appropriate celebrating [AKA eating junk all weekend], I'm still totally in vacation mode.  The husband, he is not.  Part of that easily could be that life for him just never seems to stop.  Finals were over just in time for National Guard weekend [again] and now he's onto a extracurricular school project that is hopefully going to help him get an on-campus job doing video stuff.  I just lounged, slept a lot, and got Mother's day gifts done, which you will get to see on Friday.

We've also been trying to get as much outside time with kiddo as possible before it gets too hot, although it being too hot already is a debatable subject. Good news is, by October she will be more than ready to actually play on the playgrounds.

But I am slowly finding things to do inside all day with her: we sing in the bathroom, we eat raisins out of packaging that lies [those are definitely not green], and we jump on the bed.

Such is life.

The neatest dicovery I made on Friday was that Tempe Marketplace has a splash pad; the best part was most kids there were about the same age as mine.  It's even kind of in the shade and right next to The Gap, making it an extremely tempting go-to over the next few weeks.

Any recommendations for keeping a one-year-old happy in 100 degree weather?

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