Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Fifth Anniversary

Wanna hear something crazy?  We've been married for five years.  We're, like, official or something now.

These knitted beauties came from the in-laws for this anniversary.  "Two became one flesh, then had a big-bellied baby." Uncanny representations of us, dontcha think?

We decided to go family-friendly this year and spend our anniversary at the aquarium!

It took a few minutes to convince Kiddo that she was safe.  Josh's fish faces were a huge help.

She soon took to pointing at everything.

Her favorite spot was the jellyfish section.

She also got to pet this starfish, which she thought only deserved a single finger pet. Splashing in the water was far more appealing.

And for dinner [courtesy of my parents!] we went to dinner at Ted's Hot Dogs.  Best charcoal grilled hot dogs I've ever had... and they even serve 'em on gluten-free buns.

It was the best shot we could get.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported and loved us while we've learned how to be married these last five years!

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