Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Week's Menu

Welcome back to week two of the Week's Menu!

These last couple weeks of home cooking were mostly stand-bys, with a new recipe based on a very, very old stand-by.

Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup has become my recipe of choice after major ham-consuming holidays, simply because its the most delicious thing you can make with a leftover ham bone.  I snagged one from a friend after Easter and threw it in the freezer until I could get around to making this soup.  The link is to the recipe I use, although I cook it in the crockpot for 8 hours on low instead of using a dutch oven. Making adaptations is super easy based on what ingredients I may have more or less of lurking in the fridge.  And best part is, its a yummy way to get veggies into my toddler's diet.

Artichoke Tuna Melt

Do you hate tuna sandwiches?  Me too.  That being said, you should try this recipe.  I don't know if it's the artichokes or the lemon juice, but this stuff isn't like all that other junk.  Seriously.  To make this gluten-free, we do have to splurge on gluten-free bread so Josh can truly enjoy the goodness. For us, this meal is a treat for the end of the months where we actually do a good job sticking to our grocery budget.

Forgive the so-so picture.  I forgot to add the tomatoes, and let's be honest: I'm no professional food photographer.  If you want to look at drool-worthy photos of this meal, go to the link in the title.

No-Mac N' Cheese

One of the sad things about no-wheat diets is a lot of the comfort foods are no longer an option without some creative workings.  I found this recipe during some internet research on lowering your grocery budget - another story, another time. Anywho, this recipe intruiged me because of the replacement of macaroni with cauliflower.  You probably already know about the cauliflower crust pizza, which is possibly one of the most creative and delicious gluten-free alternatives ever [if you don't, please come talk to me.  You have no idea what you're missing out on].

Unfortunately, this cauliflower-alternative didn't quite hit it as well.  Our conclusion was either to add more spices, or leave it be and serve it as a side dish.  [By the way, the cheese isn't that neon in real life.]

If you decide to give this recipe a whirl, exchange the 3 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch when making the cheese sauce. Mix in the cornstarch with some cold milk to dissolve, and then pour it into the mixture slowly as you are stirring continuously.  Otherwise you'll wind up with chunky cheese sauce.  Trust me.  I know.


Rice Krispies treats, anyone?  I realized when I made these for the Sunday potluck that I have never made Rice Crispies treats before. Now I understand why every mom on the planet makes these for parties; they are soooo easy.  And now that Rice Krispies come gluten-free, there's even less of an excuse not to make them.

[Not sponsored, just me.  Pinky promise.]

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