Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Cloth Diapering Mama

"So, my friend/sister/cousin/co-worker is having a baby shower and is planning on doing the cloth diaper thing. I really want to support her but I have no idea what on earth to buy!"

Have no fear.  Here's a few cloth diaper friendly gifts from the semi-pro herself! [That was a joke. I'm not really a professional diaper lady; just, well, me.]

[1] If you have a bigger budget, give a diaper sprayer. Diapers sprayers are, in fact, simply attachable toilet bidets, and are used to spray poo off a diaper and into the toilet. While this may not be the most fun gift you've ever given, but it will be a true help for the mama-to-be in the coming months. RinseWorks Aquaus Handheld Bidet [$49.95]

[2] If you like to give practical gifts, give cloth diaper friendly detergent. The importance of cloth diaper friendly detergent is that it's designed to wash cloth diapers without destroying the fabrics' abilities to soak and contain messes. This gift comes with a bit of a fun element to it - you can choose your favorite smell based off classic rock bands. Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent [$16.00]

[3] If you have a smaller budget, give a wet bag. Wet bags are essentially reusable fabric bags with a waterproof lining, and are used to hold dirty diapers until they can be washed. Large size bags are great for home use, while smaller ones are used when out and about. Wet bags can even be used for soiled clothes and swim suits.  Many independent sellers make wet bags on websites like Etsy [search "wet bag", "cloth diaper wet bag", or "zippered wet bag"]. There are also online sellers such as Planetwise and Kissa's, which can be found on Amazon.   Have fun picking out a fabric pattern you know she'll love. Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag [$9.50-19.00]

[4] If you like baby clothes, give some baby leg warmers. Baby leg warmers harken back to the 80's with fun patterned, knit leggings.  The point of these cuties are to keep a baby warm without messing with putting too-tight pants over a cloth diapered bum. BabyLegs Leg Warmers [$12.00]

[4] If you want to go bold, give a cloth diaper. Chances are, unless she has a very specific plan for what kinds of diapers she is going to use, any diaper is going to be a wonderful gift.  If there is a store in your town that sells cloth diapers, stop by and ask for recommendations [they will be more than happy to help].  There are also numerous cloth diaper websites with a variety of diapers to choose from.  Here's the nitty gritty: look for an "all-in-one" or "pocket" style diaper, in "one size" - meaning, the diaper is simpler to use, and can be adjusted in size from tiny to toddler. Simply pick your favorite color or pattern, order, then sit back and congratulate yourself on a gift well done.

Here are links to three of my favorite cloth diaper brands - simply pick which one you think is cutest, and go for it. Rumparooz Reusable Cloth Pocket Diaper [$23.50],bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 [$17.95], Tot Bots Easy Fit One-Piece Diaper [$24.75]

Lastly, don't forget a receipt, *especially* in the case of cloth diapers - receipts are what prove purchase date for things like warranties [Believe it or not, cloth diapers come with warranties!].

*disclaimer: this page contains links to Amazon's affiliate program, which means that if you purchase any of these items through the links, a small percent of your purchase will come back to support this website.  You won't be paying any extra, and you will be helping keep this blogger going [more emotionally than financially really, but that's what's important, right?]. All these links go to products that I personally use and have had great luck with - I have no interest in pointing you to a product that didn't work for me.

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