Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cloth Diapers at 16 Months

I almost feel bad writing this, because, well, nothing new has really happened this month.  I mean, Kiddo is definitely growing taller, she is pretty much graduated into size 4 disposables, and she is turning into a real toddler right before my eyes, but nothing has really changed in the cloth diapering department.

A toddler!  Yes, seriously.  I know she still has a ways to go before I'm really in the thick of it.  This month's favorite was pointing at everything and asking, "dat!" She has also taken to running too fast for her own good [awkwardly, with her hands either up shoulder height or flying behind her], then falling flat on her face.  She still hasn't quite figured out the catching-yourself-with-your-hands-when-you-fall thing, resulting in quite a few head bumps and tears.

Her favorite vocal activities include calling all the pets "goo-grr" [good girl] and "ba-da" [bad dog] sequentially, and yelling "hey!" in increasing decibels until you finally respond, to which she replies with a coy, "heeey." We [meaning I] taught her to feed the dogs, and she now pouts if she misses out on any feedings.

And eating; oh eating. She wants what she wants, and will make sure to remind you that her milk is in the fridge and all the good snacks are in the pantry. If its not on her plate, there is a lot of hand gesturing and head shaking and dropping spoons on the floor and eventually disciplining and half the time a hungry toddler goes to bed.

She also has started to enjoy reading again, and we have taught her to put each book away before getting another one. This is much to my delight, because it means I can spend a good half an hour playing with her on the floor and not having to move one inch or clean up afterwards. Her current favorites are The Very Hungry Caterpillar [really, she likes all the holes and the shortened pages], Pat the Bunny [which is now falling apart due to over-use], and Baby Food ["dat. dat. NANA!, dat." sticks tongue out, "dat." Flips pages. "NANA!"]

Adelle - 16 Months 

# of Children: 1

Gender: female

Size: 20 lbs, 30.5 inches tall

Average # of Diapers a day: 7-9

Laundry Schedule: Every three-four days.

 Routine: 1-2 pre-folds used during awake times, all-in-ones during naps, all-in-ones with hemp insert at night

Diaper Size: One size diapers - middle settings, Thirsties covers - size 2, second smallest setting, Disposables - size  4

Leaking?: Not this month.

How's the Poo?: Interesting, and possibly a bit TMI for your reading pleasure.  But if you care to know, corn really doesn't digest, and raisins don't either.

Did you Use Disposables?: Yes, for the babysitters.

Any Changes: none yet, but I'm beginning to [maybe?] predict that we will be adjusting the all-in-ones around the waist soon.

Any Issues: Somehow our changing and laundry schedule has gotten a little wonky, and so the days between washes has slowly spread to four days at times.  While it hasn't caused any stink issues with the diapers themselves, Kiddo's room gets a little stinky from the diapers sitting in the pail for so long. I'm currently in the works with adjusting the number of diapers in each rotation down to make sure diapers get washed a little more often.

Still Like Cloth?: Yes siree.

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