Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Re-Cap

Happy [belated] Father's Day!

It's been really fun to get to celebrate this holiday the last couple of years, because my very own husband is now a father himself.  We spent this year's Father's day discussing which sushi restaurant in Tempe had the best chance of being as good as Hawaiian sushi. We finally settled on Sushi 101 because most sushi places are actually closed for Sunday lunch out here [boo].

Conclusion: the sashimi just doesn't compare to fresh sashimi from the islands, but their cheetah roll was surprisingly delicious.

Kiddo's first conclusion: Miso soup is bottom-lip-sucking good. The extra-deep spoon ain't so bad either.

Kiddo's second conclusion: chopsticks are fun. And the sushi sauce is far more delicious than sushi itself. Maybe next year.

Also, we three made a video for our dads in honor of all the years they've been dads. Make sure to tell me how awesome the editing job was, okay?  It was my first time - I'm a natural, I know ;)

And on a personal note, I am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by three great dads in my life.  I realize even more now how blessed Josh and I are to have dads who are involved, loving, and hard workers to look to as role models as we try to do our best at this parenting thing.  I can see the overflow of their love come out through Josh as he loves and raises our goober.

So thanks, dads!

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