Saturday, June 29, 2013

It Gets Uglier

So you know how a few days ago I said my kid threw up but I was sure it was just bad chicken?

It probably was.

Regardless, she did it again [throw up, I mean].  All night, Wednesday night, every 15 minutes on the dot.
rest came at 5 a.m.
You know what that means?  My child was actually sick. I think this was a first.

And then, yesterday, I woke to the same [throwing up, I mean]. Not every fifteen minutes, thankfully, but it was a long 24 hours.  The last time I remember feeling that awful, I was pregnant.

Now I don't ever want to be pregnant again [that was a joke].

So now we're just waiting for Josh's turn and then I think we will be done with this who being sick thing for a good, long while.

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