Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

 [1] The Good. Life around here has been full, but I'm half surprised by how good it has feels.  Granted, I'm sitting here at 2 p.m. drinking yet another cup of coffee, and our guest bathroom smells like pee [after this post, I'm on the hunt for the source]...  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that lots of the mundane daily tasks, like sleeping and cleaning, have gone by the wayside. Still, life has been good.

Being intentional about doing film stuff with my husband has been really, really good for us and our marriage. Last week we had the film shoot for "Dudes Episode Two" at our house [it's okay if you have no idea what I'm talking about], and since then I have spent hours in front of the computer learning how to edit, watching Josh edit, and even doing a bit of my own.  Turns out being musical helps with that whole movie editing thing. Who woulda thunk?

[2] The Bad. There's been a nasty puke-virus going around our circle of friends, and we almost got it.  Kiddo was rocking some serious grumpies on Monday, which turned into a vomit-fest all over her toys [yay]. Good news was, it wasn't a virus - just some old chicken I forced her to eat a few hours earlier.

Others, however, have not been so lucky. I had the honor of taking care of a sick friend's kiddos for nine hours, making me a "mother" to three children for the day. For my "hard" work, I was rewarded with an accident minutes after arrival [hence the pee smell in the bathroom] and watching my husband wrangle a wiggling 7 month old with a blowout.  Our kid was never a gymnast during diaper changes, so this was Josh's first time deciding which was worse, a poop covered infant, or a poop covered carpet. I wish you had been there.

In all seriousness, all the kids were really manageable the whole time.  But I am officially stating here that mothers of three young children deserve  medals for bravery.

[3] The Ugly. Thinking that frozen spinach is a decent replacement for fresh spinach when making smoothies.  I tell you this, I tell you this, I tell you this: it is not.

And this gluten-free cupcake mix? Weird, ugly, no good. I'd hate to see what bad Passover cupcakes are like.

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