Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surprise Weekend Back Home

Last weekend, we went home to Colorado.

And we surprised everyone except my Mom [plus a couple other very good secret-keepers].

Why?  Because it was my Dad's 60th birthday.

waiting to get picked up
Dells with the birthday Grampa [left] and uncle John [right]
checking out the new lawn
a little big city lovin'
It was a very short weekend - only about 48 hours - and a little epic at points, but it was so much fun to surprise my Dad, see some beautiful mountain fall colors, and hang out with both our families for a couple of days.

Epic, you ask?  Why yes.  Our child, in typical fashion, knocked her head on the church steps while crawling around on Sunday.  However, she over-reacted to the pain, couldn't catch her breath, and held it for so long that she passed out.  Scariest three seconds of my life.  I think I suffered from it more than she did, though, and in the end, we still flew out that evening, no one the worse for it.

If you're at all curious how we survived the grueling hour and a half flight [that's a joke], I have a post to let you in on all our professional secrets [also a joke] in the works for the next couple of days.

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