Friday, February 7, 2014

Cloth Diapers at 22 & 23 Months

Since my child has only been two for a couple of weeks, I don't think I can write the "Cloth Diapers and a Two Year Old" post quite yet.  I do promise, however, that this is the last month-based cloth diaper post for this child.

However, I am pretty sure there will be some more cloth diaper posts which are related to this child.  Potty training officially began this week, and I'm already considering taking a hiatus for a bit.  What is it with toddlers that as soon as you decide to really start working on the next growing-up stage, they suddenly hate it?  This child has loved sitting on her potty since we got it last summer, but suddenly now that she's being asked to use it, she refuses.

So, because of this, my guess is we will be in diapers for at least a few more months.

How did diapering go these last two months?  Let me tell you!

Adelle - 22 & 23 months

# of Children: 1

Gender: female

Size: 25 lbs, 33 inches tall

Average # of Diapers a day: 6 [ish. It varies day by day, but six would be average]

Laundry Schedule: Every three-four days.  Four day stretches seem to happen because there are more and more times where she winds up in disposables for half a day, so it takes longer to go through the basket of cloth diapers.

Routine: pre-folds used during awake times [changed every 2 hours], disposables for naps and at night.

Diaper Size: Thirsties covers - size 2, middle setting, Disposables - size  4 [if she was in all-in-ones, they would be in the middle settings]

Leaking?: when I forget to change her for a few hours.  Usually it happens while we are out.  Because its happened a few too many times, I have actually started putting her in disposables when we go out.

How's the Poo?: Nothing to complain about.  She did poo in her potty for the first time a couple days ago [!!!].  And believe me, she got every color m&m she asked for.

Did you Use Disposables?: We are using disposables for naps and bedtime now, and more and more so when we go out or have babysitters.

Any Changes: I get sort of sad realizing that the all-in-ones are pretty much done being used until we have another child.  They just haven't been holding her pee as well as pre-folds have, and definitely don't work while she's sleeping anymore.

Any Issues: None.

Still Like Cloth?: Yes and no.  I think I'm just getting tired of diapers in general, but I am really grateful to have them to help keep costs lower.

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