Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Long Vacation [Or "Why Kiddo Is Still An Only Child"]

I keep coming back here every so often to see what's going and thinking about writing a post or two about our life.

Turns out, I never write that post, and this little virtual place keeps looking the same.

But I have been feeling more and more like God wants me to jump in again and share a vulnerable area of our life here.

We are struggling through infertility. 

It has been the major reason why I haven't been writing. It's been an emotionally exhausting journey, and until now, I haven't been ready to share it with much of anyone.  I didn't want to admit that it was happening to me, to my family.  But I think I have finally come to a place where in the midst of this trial, I see that God still loves me, my husband, and my child. He cares deeply about what's going on, and he wants to create something beautiful through this pain, if I will let him.

One way that I feel God has been asking me to let him do something beautiful is to be vulnerable with you about this struggle in my life. Because when I see others be vulnerable for the sake of Jesus, I am encouraged and built up.

I will try to do my darnedest to also talk about other things (like catch up on some of the fun we've been having over the last six months!) but along with it will be our journey through infertility and (hopefully soon) another baby.

We have really just started the medical process.  I am going in for surgery later this week to have an ovarian cyst removed, along with a chromoblast to make sure my plumbing is clear.

Please pray for the surgery to go smoothly and that there isn't anything too serious going on with my reproductive organs.  Also that recovery goes smoothly and I can be up and kicking in time for Christmas.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and your love in advance.  It is very, very much appreciated.

-Shelby and the Fam

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