Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Catching Up

Well, hello there.

Long time, no see, little blog of mine.  It's been a nice break, but I'm ready to give a little catch up.  Especially since I have some really wonderful things to tell you about.

These last six months have been pretty good as a whole. I felt like I started embracing the reality of being a mom of one (instead of spending all my energy longing for two). Not that I was the best at it, but the more I released, the freer I felt to just enjoy that I do have a crazy, funny, wide eyed little child who has the whole world in front of her. And it was my job to show it to her.

We spent many a February and March morning walking to the neighborhood orchid tree.  Affectionately named the "purple tree," it became a favorite spot for both kiddo and myself to adventure to.

I also decided it was time to start teaching her the finer things of outdoor life - like blowing dandelion seeds.

The husband has a particular form of nerdism which endears him to board and card games. We felt it was time to start swaying our child's interests in a similar direction, which so far has proven to be successful.

Over spring break, we were invited to visit Josh's parents in Palm Springs and stay the weekend in the beautiful home of some of Josh's extended family.  Kiddo spent most of the weekend like this when she wasn't sniffing every single flower on the premises - of which there were many.

Dellie went on her first hike in May for Josh's birthday.  We took the short trail up "A" mountain by campus with the dogs. Radar was possibly the most excited one out of us all.  

Since said hike, Dellie has also been apt to remind us that we "hiked the mountain one time with the A for Adelle on it."

After school ended in May, my parents were so very, very kind and took us to Disneyland. Dellie fell in love with Minnie Mouse from day one. We may or may not regret letting her choose a Minnie doll of her very own to take home.

As to be expected, the level of crazy has upped in the house as kiddo has gotten older. Her sense of humor has become both a joy and a bit of a trial, but I suppose that is to be expected when one has a three year old.

Over the summer, Dellie caught a cold that turned into a cough that went south - right into her lungs. She was put on antibiotics and a nebulizer for about two weeks, which thankfully healed her right up.

We ended up taking an emergency trip back to Colorado at the end of July when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, the cancer turned out to be not nearly as serious as was originally thought. None of us Phoenicians complained about the chance to get out of the 100+ degree heat either.

And here it we are at the end of September, making short jaunts out to see the flowers again in the early morning hours before it gets too hot. Dellie has started naming the flowers she sees to her liking. These ones, her favorite, she affectionately calls "corn flowers."

Both her and I are beyond happy to seen summer ending, both because it means the heat is going away, and also because I'm finally feeling better enough to do normal life again.  Which brings me to the final bit of news to catch up on:

We are finally expecting baby number two!

It has been a long two years, but God has shown himself faithful and good.  Things have been going very well with this pregnancy, and we are all very excited (and a little terrified) that its really, finally happening!

As for the future, the next sixth months are going to be... interesting, I suppose. Josh is in his last semester of school at ASU.  Can you believe we're actually at this point too? Me neither. We will be walking through college graduation, job hunting, possibly moving out of state (for a job), and having another baby. Whew. It's a lot of huge unknowns for us. We have likened it to feeling like we're staring at a cliff we're supposed to jump off of in just a few short months. And believe that we will land safely somewhere that we can't see from here.


But we have seen God walk us through each crazy unknown we've been through before. We trust that He's built that landing spot we can't see to be a good place for us. So we continue to pray that we would be peaceful and trusting of where God will take our family next, and that we would be ready to jump when the time comes.

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