Monday, October 5, 2015

First Trimester With Baby "Rubiks" Meyer

Well, no joke, I'm a little nervous about posting pregnancy updates. Getting to write up these posts has been something I have been waiting and dreaming of getting to do on this blog for two years now. And I do really want to have a record of how this pregnancy went, with this blog being a logical place to have it. However, I also now understand the pain that can come from seeing others walk through pregnancy while you yourself are struggling to have one of your own. In light of that, I decided to stick with once a month updates once I am done playing catch up (being that I'm already well into the second trimester right now).  This is also in part because I don't know if I will be able to keep up with anything more often! I hope that there will be understanding and a willingness to celebrate with me with each post.

You may also feel free to just skip reading these posts when they show up if you so choose :)

Well here goes the first one!

13 weeks. Most of that is bloat.

:: First Trimester ::

We affectionately have named this little nugget "Rubiks." Yes, like the Rubik's cube. Why? Because it felt like I were constantly guessing how I would be feeling in the next hour. Sick? Exhausted? Starving? Moody? Just fine? It was a never ending puzzle.

(For those of you who are curious, we called Dellie "Sparky" because of how fierce the first trimester sickness was with her. Once we found out she was a girl she was renamed "Sparkle." If only she knew that now.  She would be offended we changed her name after she was born!)

:: Symptoms ::

Disclaimer - there might be some talk about girl body parts and stuff.  I will do my best to be tasteful about it, but if you think you might be uncomfortable by it, skip this part.

My first pregnancy symptom was realizing that I was growing out of my bras. I would not have even taken a pregnancy test if it weren't for how crazy sore and large I was getting. 

Halfway through week five the nausea started kicking in, and it was 24/7 car sick style nausea and headaches for three weeks. The nausea slowed to only (ha!) when I was hungry, really full, ate something I shouldn't have, and smelled or saw any aversions - which there were plenty. Just like last time, the throwing up and gag reflex started up right as the nausea slowed down.  I didn't puke nearly as much as I did with Dellie, but I still had at least one time a week where I lost my lunch (or breakfast).

Other symptoms included crazy exhaustion (like I was done with the day by 10 AM), stuffy nose and sinuses (yep, its a symptom), bloating, a wee bit of swelling around the ankles, poor sleep, crazy dreams, crying over the silliest things, and hormone headaches.

:: Aversions/Cravings ::

I craved salty food (soft pretzels, bagels, tortilla chips, cheese, etc) something fierce for about a week - which was weird because I had zero cravings with Dellie.  But after getting my hands on an everything bagel for dinner one night, I wanted nothing to do with them for the rest of the first trimester. 

Aversions, oh aversions. I had plenty. The strongest was bacon - it was so strong that even just seeing pictures of bacon made my stomach turn.  Another (not food) was bathroom smells, any and all. It got so bad sometimes I would find myself gagging while using the toilet. And changing a poopy diaper? Guaranteed to send me puking.

:: Missing Most ::

Figuring out what to eat without wanting to cry, and getting a good night's sleep.

:: Sleep ::

I woke up during the night to pee most nights, and on top of that became a really light and uncomfortable sleeper. And the dreams got pretty crazy.

:: Gender ::

Don't know, but I started wondering if it's a boy because of some symptoms being different this time around at the very beginning. Also because it seems like every body I know has had an oldest girl and boy for their second :)

:: Hubby ::

You guys?  I have a really good husband.  This man would come home from work and take over home life like a boss. Cooking meals when he could, keeping the house clean, taking kiddo out for a couple hours when I just couldn't imagine staying awake another minute. It wasn't easy for him to do all this, but he handled it without a complaint. He's a keeper.

Dellie wanted her own "belly picture" too. In her favorite swim suit, ready to go to the splash park.

:: Dellie ::

She is old enough that she could understand Mama was sick because there's a baby growing in her belly, but young enough that her processing all this gets a little creative.  Within a couple weeks, she also "had a brother or sister for Minnie" growing in her own belly, and would complain of not feeling very well either - usually in an attempt to get more TV time ;) We took her to the first ultrasound, hoping it would help the whole thing be more real for her, but unfortunately it just confused the heck out her.

:: Best Part ::

My favorite part hands down was getting to see this little nugget in an ultrasound at 9 weeks.  The first ultrasound with Dellie was the anatomy scan at 20 weeks, and I was always a little jealous of the other moms who got to have an early sneak peek while the baby still looked like a wriggling gummy bear.

We also were extremely excited to find a doctor close by who is very pro-VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  It was a huge relief to so quickly find a doctor who's opinion and practice of VBACs was exactly what we had been hoping to find.

In a weird way too, I was really excited when each symptom started showing up, because it meant there was a baby growing in there! By the end I was definitely more than ready to be back to feeling normal, because having our world basically shut down for two months was really, really hard. 

:: Can't Wait For ::

By the end of the first trimester, I was so ready to be feeling better. Being unable to really be a functioning mom and a wife both physically and mentally for two months got to be very frustrating. I also would to have random "good days" where I would think I was finally coming out of the haze, only to get thrown back into feeling like death the next day. While having a day where I didn't feel awful was short relief, it also came with a lot of fears that something was wrong. Getting out of the stage where miscarriage is most common was a huge relief as well.

Also a visible belly that more pregnant instead of just bloated :)

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  1. Joy! So thankful you are having these horrible pregnancy side effects cause you have a BABY IN THERE! Yeah! Hopefully 2nd trimester is more pleasant. Love the pictures :)