Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weeks 14-16 with Baby Rubiks

Welcome to the next installment of Shelby's growing belly!  After this one I will be on track and planning to write about other things, like how boring days at home can be and how mediocre my crafting ability has gotten over the last few months ;) I kid, I kid.

Also the last day I wore that dress before spilling bleach all over it. RIP.

:: Weeks 14 Through 16 ::

According to, well, everybody, including myself, trimester number two is a vast improvement from the first. The process of going from awful to normal wasn't overnight, but more a slow improvement with minor set backs. And I still need a nap every. single. day. and I crash hard around 8:30 every. single. night. I like sleep, but this level of tired has meant being okay with getting less accomplished and being a poor sport when it comes to small group and date nights. Lower energy has proven to be frustrating when I suddenly have this urge to make and clean and cook and organize and purge ALL THE THINGS but not enough energy to actually make it happen.

:: Symptoms ::

Nasal congestion has only gotten stronger, so I'm constantly blowing my nose and hacking up junk (So lady-like of me). I also get headaches pretty regularly, which I'm sort of wondering are due to sinus congestion from said congestion. Still tired in the afternoons and evenings, light sleep, crazy dreams, heartburn, more emotional, and sadly, the beginnings of tiny spider veins.

:: Aversions/Cravings ::

Aversions have basically all but disappeared, with some left over sensitivity to bathroom/diaper smells, body odor, and bad breath, which I'm assuming will stick around until well after the baby is born (just like last time). I have "craved" (if you will) water. I feel dehydrated constantly no matter how much I consume in a day. I have been finding myself wanting to eat fruit simply for their liquid content.

:: Sleep ::

I'm definitely a light sleeper now, but thankfully the midnight bathroom trips are not as regular. I have been waking up almost every morning with a sore shoulder and neck. And I already whipped out the body pillow to help ease some of the hip discomfort.

:: Movement ::

I really, really, really didn't expect this one.  I didn't feel anything until 18 weeks with Dellie, and was totally expecting the same.  BUT.  At fourteen weeks I started feeling this low abdominal discomfort that would almost take my breath away every so often. Initially I chalked them up to super early braxton hicks (which I found out is actually okay after frantically googling whether or not having them this early was okay). After tracking them for a couple days I realized they weren't braxton hicks but actually a rolling baby.

I'm sorry, what?!?

Turns this nugget is a bit of a mover and a shaker, at least so far. Since then I have felt rolling, flutters, and have even been able to make out their body shape from outside when they are positioned just right.

:: Gender ::

Still don't know, but I have been getting a strong sense it's a boy.

:: Hubby ::

Josh started school around the same time as I started feeling better, which I think was a bit of God's grace. He's definitely pretty excited, but he has mentioned multiple times that its been off-set by the other big things in our world that are also looming, like graduating, finding a job, and possibly moving. I totally get it, and definitely have found myself more preoccupied with what will happen after graduation than what life will look like with another child.

Trying to convince me she still fits into baby clothes.
:: Dellie ::

She still lets me know pretty regularly that she's got her own "baby for Minnie in her belly too." I asked her if she wanted a brother or sister, to which she replied that she wanted both. It took a few tries to finally explain that she had to choose, 'cause Mama definitely wasn't carrying two. She wants to name her sibling Minnie ("even if it's a boy") or Purtain (rhymes with curtain). She's also not sure she wants to share her toys with them because she "doesn't want them to chew on everything." 

:: Missing Most ::

A really good night's sleep and the ability to get everything accomplished that I set out to do in a day.

:: Best Part ::

Feeling the baby move semi-regularly has really helped things feel more real. I've also felt like I am finally in a safe enough zone to seriously start planning what sorts of things I'd like to make for this baby.

::  Looking Forward To ::

Looking more pregnant and less like I ate too much pizza. I'm also looking forward to starting on some baby crafty projects!

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