Monday, October 26, 2015

Weeks 17-20 With Baby Rubiks

This month's pose was "let's see how close we can get to mom this time!"

:: Weeks 17-20 ::

We are halfway done with cooking this little babe!  I can hardly believe how fast it feels like the time is going. As a whole, I felt like I was able to get more comfortable with a new routine that included regular naps and earlier bedtimes. The new goal is now trying to squeeze in things that I would love to be back to doing, like exercising regularly and start some early prep work for potentially moving in the next couple months (yikes!).

:: Symptoms ::

Most of the symptoms are in my head. No, seriously. Nasal congestion is just getting stronger, and starting to include semi-regular nose bleeds (yech). I've also been getting nasty headaches a few times a week.  Thankfully the doctor doesn't seem worried, but did mention that it could be a combo of hormones and poor sleep. So basically, I need to get more rest. Speaking of sleep, my dream life is pretty wild and I have been woken up fairly regularly by neighbors' late night parties, bathroom breaks, or my own child.

Story time: a couple weeks ago, I woke up around midnight to find our child in our bed, inches from my face, with one of her biggest grins to date. 

"Hi mom! I thought I would come and sleep with you and Dad for a little bit!"  

"Oh... ok." (I was not very awake at this point). 

She stayed in bed with us for about an hour, not sleeping (although she was thankfully very quiet), then said, "I think I'm ready to go back to my room now." She had never done this before, nor has it happened since.

Epilogue: around 2:30 that same night, I woke up to her crying in her room.  I went in to find out what was wrong, to which she replied, "I keep telling Minnie to let me sleep but she won't stop talking!" (insert face palm). Minnie got a stern talking and finally relented for everyone's sake.

:: Movement ::

Plenty. This little one likes it when I eat food, and will perform a few circus tricks every time I consume something. I can definitely feel rolls, shifts, bumps, jabs, and have even gotten to see them from the outside from time to time.

:: Missing Most ::

I'm missing getting to be able to get away with drinking as much caffeine as I want, when I want, without having to brace myself for the side effects if I don't eat something or drink tons of water. Same goes with sugar.

:: Best Part ::

We found out the gender this last Thursday! (I promise I will say what it is eventually.) I absolutely love getting to watch the ultrasounds. It makes it so much more real to actually see the baby moving around. This one was a bit stubborn and shy (just like their sister) and preferred to lay the wrong direction for the ultrasound tech with their legs tucked under and rear end sticking up (also just like their sister).

:: Hubby ::

From the beginning, we have both been comfortable and excited about the potentials of having either a boy or another girl. The days leading up to our ultrasound, however, it started coming out that Josh was really hoping for another girl. He realized that there could be a lot of good for our children's' bonding if they were the same gender, being that they may have a harder time with a four year age gap. I appreciated getting to see his desires for our kids and their future, along with having a great time visualizing him (of all people) being a dad of two girls!

:: Dellie ::

She decided over the last month that she most definitely wanted a sister, "just like Daniel Tiger, and her name is going to be Margaret, too."

:: Gender ::

Speaking of gender (finally!) the verdict is in.  Baby Rubiks is...

a girl!

Nest story time: during the first part of the ultrasound, we got a few "previews" of baby's gender, which both Josh and I were sure was a boy, because there was definitely something boy-looking between their legs.  When the ultrasound tech asked if we were ready, we both looked at her like, "duh, we already know, lady." Turns out, the thing between her legs was actually the umbilical cord. Next time we will leave the deciphering to the professionals.

We are all beyond excited that this little nugget is a girl. I had wanted a sister growing up very much, and as much as I know I only have romantic views of what it will be like, I am really, really grateful and excited that these two will get to experience the bond of sisterhood together.

And as far as the name "Rubiks," we're not sure if we will stick with it or switch to something a little more feminine, like "Rubiksina" or whatever. (wink)

:: Looking Forward To ::

Getting to the fun phase of feeling this little girl move around a bunch, see more of her "personality" come out (activity level, strength, how much of a hiccup-er she is, silly things like that). I'm looking forward to starting to figure out a name for her as well. (Which is most likely not going to be Margaret Tiger. Sorry, Dells.)

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