Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year marked the beginning of Kiddo deciding her own costumes. Not gonna lie, it makes me a bit sad. Somehow the concept of Halloween came up a couple months ago with her and she decided from that moment on she was going to be a princess.

For a while she was pretty comfortable with wearing one of her dress up princess dresses (which is quite nice, being handmade by my mom and all), but I was given a Sophia the First dress as a hand-me-down and decided to save it until the last moment in hopes of a big reveal right before Halloween. (Also to ward off any chance of her wearing it incessantly throughout the month of October.)  

Reveal was more of a success than I imagined it would be. The first official costuming time came and I took the chance - here's how it went down:

Me: "Dells, I know you've wanted to wear your yellow princess dress, but would you like to wear this (whipping out Sophia dress) instead?"

Kiddo: eyes huge, heavy breathing for a full minute. "...Really?..."

This girl took the. best. care. of this dress for a full week. She went to great toddler lengths to make sure she had her matching crown, "ambulance" necklace and appropriate foot gear every stinking time she got dressed. So even though it was far from any wonderful ideas I would have had for her costume this year, the outcome was totally worth it.

Here's some pictures from the events we did. I may have gotten close to zealous with all the potential fun to be had, especially since Dellie was even more excited for Halloween than I was.

Her first choice for a pumpkin was the "bumpily one."

She was eventually persuaded into a more paint-able pumpkin, which she painted with just as much gusto as last year.

We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends, complete with haystack maze,

tractor ride (which she loved so much she waited 20 minutes in line to ride it again),

and another pumpkin of her very own to cover in complementary stickers.

On Friday, we went trick or treating with all of Dellie's church buddies in Downtown Mesa.

She clearly had no fun, what so ever.

And Friday night we dressed up ourselves and the house for a quite fantastic Halloween shindig,

which included a giant fake spider (in honor of all the real giant spiders we can't seem to get rid of in our backyard),

along with Hockey Vlad, a pregnant cow, and, by this time, Cinderella (she got tired of being Sophia, apparently). On a side note, I don't recommend The Fly (the 1958 version) if you're looking for a hokey Halloween movie.  There were only two good parts, but they weren't worth the hour and a half of backstory.

Whew, you made it! How was your Halloween? Any trick or treaters? We had about five, I think. No complaints - just means more candy for me :)

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