Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weeks 21-24 with Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 21-24 ::

Holy growth spurt!  Its sort of funny actually looking at this picture because it doesn't look like much change from last month. But from my aerial view that I get 24/7, the belly is a-growin. I realized that this is probably the last month of getting to really look and feel pregnant without all the super fun discomforts. Which is sort of funny because I keep thinking about how uncomfortable I already am. Oh boy :)

:: Symptoms ::

I am so thankful the headaches have simmered down and the nasal issues have gotten more manageable (thanks Mom for the tips!). The lastest and greatest have been the beginnings of second-half heartburn (which is actually somehow different than first trimester heartburn), braxton-hicks, itchy skin thanks to belly expansion, and sleep is still touch and go. And the struggle has gotten real in regards to bending over, putting on shoes, or getting up off the floor. Way, way too early for this.

:: Movement ::

I'm thankful this kid has a few inches to grow before she gets access to my ribs! She is a strong mover and sits, head down, nice and low all the time. At my 24 week appointment the midwife was impressed by her strength. It took a while to find her heartbeat (because she is sitting lower than the midwife was expecting) but there was no concern about he being alive because this girl would hit the doppler so hard the midwife was having trouble keeping it in place.

:: Missing Most ::

I'm already growing out of a lot of my clothes already. Vain, I know. Still, I'd rather be getting creative with my wardrobe any day for this kiddo.

:: Best Part ::

I've had a few fun evenings watching what look like mini bombs going off inside my stomach. It's the best phase, getting to see and feel her move around without it hurting much yet.

:: Hubby ::

The naming wars have begun! We honestly have no idea what this girl's name is going to be. I have a favorite, and am trying my dardnest to convince Josh of how wonderful it is. He still hasn't found a name he loves, but I think that's to my advantage thus far.

Getting her self "maked-up" for the day.
:: Dellie ::

She's been a little confused lately about the fact that she really is having a sister.  She asks a lot about why God gave her a sister and other people get brothers. She's also been asking a lot about how big her sister will be when she's born. Her initial guess was about 2 inches long, and doesn't believe me when I tell her that the baby will be as big as some of her dolls. I'm guessing its all just a lot to wrap around your brain when you're three. She's also still stuck on the name Margaret Tiger and worried about her toys getting chewed on.

She has wanted to "feel the baby" regularly, although that has consisted of poking my belly button and exclaiming "it moved!"

:: Looking Forward To ::

We're currently in a point in time where a lot is unknown about our future, particularly with graduating, finding a job, and moving (or not moving). I am really looking forward to all of those unknowns being answered one way or another. I know it isn't really baby related, but it's been such a big part of our world right now that I can't even really comprehend another child coming into our life without getting overwhelmed. It has made it harder to be purely excited for her arrival without a tinge of fear of what else in our world needs to shake out.

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