Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weeks 25-28 With Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 25-28 ::

It's officially third trimester time! I can hardly believe its 11 13 weeks (sorry! preggo brain!) or less until we meet this little girl. This month was pretty eventful with my mom getting hospitalized, Thanksgiving, graduation, waiting for job potentials, and figuring out what on earth we were going to do about Christmas. It wasn't exactly my favorite last few weeks (honestly, it was really stressful) but it's been encouraging to see God carry our family through it all.

:: Symptoms ::

Heartburn is definitely kicking in more and more, mid/upper back pain every so often (I had to whip out the support band a couple weeks ago to help out on the worse days), braxton-hicks, not great sleep still, and waking up most mornings with achy hips and shoulders. I'm also starting to accidently run into things with my belly, like countertops and such, which is both hilarious and painful. The more fun symptoms have been stronger movements and being able to make out which part of her body this baby is poking me with. 

:: Movement ::

The crazy dances have definitely been exchanged for more purposeful, stronger, and in some ways slower movements. She's also become more responsive to loud noises, caffeine/sugar and getting poked and prodded by yours truly.

Sugar drink for the glucose test. Yum.

:: Worst Part ::

I had the glucose tolerance test done at 27 weeks, and while thankfully I passed, the process to get it done was incredibly frustrating.  I had to go to a lab to take the test, and what should have been a one hour test turned into a two and a half hour ordeal between poor communication, the wrong lab request form, and pretty awful customer service.

I've also been struggling with a lot of insecurity about weight gain, running out of shirts I can fit into, and whether I'm doing enough to prepare for a better delivery this time around. It's all stuff that I know truth about in my head, but emotions have been higher, making it harder to be peaceful about all of it.

::Best Part ::

I realized that this time last year I was getting ready for surgery to get rid of the cyst and wondering if I would be spending the next holiday season still hoping for another baby. It makes me so incredibly grateful for this little girl's existence and how far our world has come in a year.

:: Hubby ::

Josh changed our computer's wait mode from black screen to our photo album, which has meant seeing a ton of photos pop up from when Dellie was a baby. All the nostalgia is kicking in hard - we are getting more and more excited thinking about having a new baby in the house again. We were talking with Dellie about how her sister would be here next Christmas, and that she would probably be about 9 months old then.  Josh looked up and smiled and said, "That's going to be really fun - she's going to be in such a fun age this time next year!" 

:: Dellie ::

She's still dead set on her sister's name being Margaret and likes to poke my belly button while exclaiming that "it's a foot!" She's also decided she has "a little brother for Minnie in her belly" and likes to stick out her stomach to show how much bigger her stomach is getting too. 

She asked the other day if her sister will chew on all the Christmas presents next year. We will see kid, we will see.

:: Looking Forward To ::

The new year! I flip-flop between extreme excitement and sheer terror realizing that every day is coming closer to her arrival. But realizing come January, its countdown time to get life ready for being a family of four!

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