Monday, January 18, 2016

Weeks 29-32 With Baby Rubiks

:: Weeks 29-32 ::

This month was still just as busy as last month, but thankfully a little less stressful :) We celebrated Dellie's birthday, caught up on tons of projects that have been waiting for a a long time (some since we got married!) started the month of visitors (different ones coming in every weekend over the month of January), and Josh began work at his job. Its been pretty fun as a whole, but I think this family will be ready for some down time before baby girl shows.

:: Symptoms ::

Well, I am starting to definitely feel like I'm carting around an extra 20-25 pounds at this point. Slower, rolly-er, a little lumbering at times. Sleep is still a little tough with needing to roll every couple hours for my hips' sake. Heartburn has also shown up something fierce and likes to remind me when I'm hungry or chose to eat something I probably shouldn't have (like pizza, or mexican for two meals in a row). I had a few days where milk sounded like the tastiest thing on the planet - that craving disappeared as quickly as it showed up. And while we're on the subject of food, when I get hungry, I get HUNGRY. Some days I do a better job of choosing healthy snacks. Some days, it's leftover cake, 'cause birthdays.

:: Movement ::

Rubiks spent the first half of this month flipping between breech and head down every other day, sending me into waves of panic each time I found her the wrong way.  Thankfully she has decided to stay head down, and spends most of her time working on my posture - feet in the ribs whenever I slouch or bend forward to grab something.

:: Worst Part ::

I finally got a cold. Preggo sick is no fun sick, because you can basically take... nothing for it.

:: Best Part ::

I apparently get my super energy at this point - like waking up alert at 5:30 in the morning, ready to go, no naps, get ALL THE THINGS done. I love being this productive.

My other favorite thing is in the category below :)

She's a keeper.

:: Dellie ::

This girl has started giving her little sister kisses and hugs every night before she goes to sleep.  It's been just about the sweetest thing, especially since I was starting to think Dellie just wasn't going to get into showing affection to her mother's stomach.

:: Hubby ::

Starting to get really excited, and starting to realize just how few weeks we have left. He has talked seriously about trying to pull a weekend jaunt San Diego for a last family-of-three trip, and I'm really hoping we can make it happen.

:: Looking Forward To ::

We have a couple more visitors coming out over the next week (which I'm looking forward to) but I am also looking forward to slowing down a bit, focusing on getting our world ready for baby, and taking time to enjoy this short time left of just the three of us.

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