Thursday, February 25, 2016

Weeks 33-36 With Baby Rubiks

Guess what?


Whaaaaa....?? Crazy, I know.

This last month was pretty great - spoiler alert, we did make it to San Diego for that weekend trip, and I think we're all pretty ready for this little girl to make her debut.

:: Symptoms ::

Sleep is same - wake up, roll, go to the bathroom, wake up husband on accident, whisper yet another goodnight to each other, and repeat in a couple hours. Energy is starting to go away, and I covet the nap I take almost everyday. However, heartburn is lessening and ribs kicks are becoming a thing of the past - this girl is low enough I feel her hiccups in my rear end. So weird, so funny, so much one of my favorite things (Dells did the same thing, and I thought it equally funny). I also have been getting less hungry as a whole too, which is weird. What else? Braxton hicks out the wazoo, and even a some contractions every so often.

:: Movement ::

Baby girl's latest thing is trying to exit through my belly button with the use of her feet. Let me tell you something - it hurts. Like a whole lot. She's staying head down, but had decided her favorite place to rest her back in on my right side or against my spine. Neither positions are exactly ideal for coming out when the time comes, so I've been trying to encourage her to rotate to more delivery friendly positions with some pretty awkward and weird body contortions. She is now big enough that I can make out the difference between a foot, a knee, or a rear end, which is pretty fun.

:: Worst Part ::

The phase of what's called prodromal labor began these last couple weeks. Basically that means I get contractions that show up for a couple hours, make me start thinking it might be time (!!) and then magically disappear for a couple days. I'm glad I was prepared for this to happen (same thing happened with Dells), so while the eventual let down is discouraging, it hasn't been driving me nuts in quite the same way it did last time around.

:: Best Part ::

San Diego, by far. We took a short (and I mean short) trip over the first weekend of February and had a wonderful time. Museums, gardens, parks, the beach, and a lighthouse. What made it so magical was that Dellie was an active participant in the trip, instead of just the kid we drag around in the stroller. She loved doing each and every thing, and we came home exhausted, yet so thankful we made it happen.

:: Dellie ::

She asked the other day how babies come out.

Oh boy.

I ended up telling her that mommies went to the hospital and doctors helped the baby come out, and she seemed pretty content with the answer. But she obviously kept thinking about it because two days later she told me that she was pretty sure her sister was going to "come out this way" (pointing to my stomach) "and up through your mouth." For now, I think we'll just leave it at that.

As a whole, she's pretty excited for her sister to come, although I think it has more to do with the fact that her Granny will be coming out to play with "all day long." We moved her bed around this last week to start adjusting her to sharing her bedroom in the next few months, and she was really bummed when I told her we weren't setting up the crib just yet. She loves helping matching baby clothes for me, which means a lot of re-organizing them afterwards (cause I really don't think the yellow newborn bloomers are actually going to work with the yellow 9 month dress).

:: Hubby ::

I think we have a name picked out! I gave Josh free reign on the middle name, and so far his choices have been pretty good, save "Dragoslava." Whether he's truly serious or not about that one, we'll never know ;) I think the reality that another girl is joining the ranks is sinking in more and more, which has been a bit intimidating for him. But I think he's done a pretty fantastic job with the first one so far, so I'm pretty sure he'll adjust to being a girl dad again quite well.

:: Looking Forward To ::

I'm really hoping the next baby post is one with our little girl in our arms! I realized that I keep imagining her looking exactly like Dellie did when she was born, and the reality is she may very well not. It's sort of a surreal experience having a reference for what she may look like, but also that this girl isn't going to be another Dellie - she is going to be her own self. So I'm definitely excited to see what kind of little person we get the privilege of being parents to!

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