Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weeks 37-40 With Baby Rubiks

38 weeks
Whelp, we made it to fully cooked.  Not sure how I feel about it (honestly), since I really hoped to deliver before 40 weeks, but it looks like I keep 'em gestating longer. 

:: Symptoms ::

A lot of the aches and pains I've been feeling over the last month (hips mainly) have actually gone away, and I've felt more comfortable physically, which is weird. Lots of contractions, but nothing sticks. Heartburn kicked back up, as did my hunger. Lastly, I have started dilating quite a bit - I was up to 5 cm at my 40 week appointment.

:: Movement ::

So for those of you who don't know, one of the reasons for needing a c-section with Dellie was because she was posterior, or "sunny side up" (along with other positioning issues), and so I've been quite paranoid about where this girl is settling. She does also prefer to be more posterior and hang out on my right side. It's forced me to do a lot of praying for her to be in a good position for delivery, since I keep realizing that I can't force her into with my crazy contortions and exercises. She continues to be a strong mover, and I have gotten to feel what I'm pretty sure is practice breathing over the last week (which is really cool!).

:: Worst Part ::

Honestly, I had my hopes set on a February baby and delivering before 40 weeks. So when leap day came and went, I was definitely pretty discouraged. The pressure of having a baby before 41 is creeping up, and I find myself struggling to believe that God will provide a spontaneous labor and VBAC for us.

:: Best Part ::

I had an ultrasound at my 40 week appointment, and it was really fun getting a sneak peek at this girl doing her thing - not to mention hearing that she is doing really well inside me.

:: Dellie ::

Dellie once again asked where babies come out, and after quickly googling an appropriate answer for a 4 year old, I broke down and told her they come out mommy's bottom. Thankfully that was the answer she wanted and I didn't have to go into any more detail.

Until after my 40 week appointment.

Because I'm dilated to 5 cm, my midwife is willing to break my water to induce labor if I don't go on my own at 41 weeks. Dellie suddenly has become very concerned that I'm going to go to the hospital to "break my water bottle," which is just about the saddest thing to her in the whole world. So it's been a process trying to explain that babies live in a balloon of sorts that needs to broken so that her sister can be born.

:: Hubby ::

I think he's also getting a little nervous because we are getting closer and closer to 41 weeks. We've had to have a lot of conversations about what we're comfortable with as far as inductions go, and where we draw the line between trying our darndest to have a VBAc and not being dumb.

:: Looking Forward To ::

Having this girl be born. I'm just really ready to be done, to know how this delivery goes, and to have a healthy baby girl in my arms.

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