Thursday, April 7, 2016

The First Two Weeks

And just like that, We've survived the first couple of weeks.

Honestly, this little girl is proving to be a really good sport. She eats really well, sleeps even better, and is pretty flexible with whatever we throw at her.

There's only been two hitches in our nearly perfect transition - one, this girl is a spitter. In the realm of problems, it's really quite minimal. When she was born she swallowed a decent amount of amniotic fluid, and so she spent the first week of her life spitting it all out. The pattern has continued to a lesser degree, possibly just because she's just a spitty baby, and partly because her mom won the oversupply of milk lottery.

The other hitch was courtesy of a mistake with the registration at the hospital. During our stay at the hospital, each and every person who came to look in on Imogene initially asked how our baby boy was doing.

Wait, boy?

Yes. Apparently she had been mislabelled by someone, which led to a few awkward conversations with the hearing test lady, the photographer, and the pediatrician, but we didn't think anything of it.

Until the next day. We called our health insurance to get her set up, where we found out that the mistake wasn't just confined to the hospital. Our insurance company had gotten the report that she was a boy, too. So we have been spending hours upon hours trying to get the problem fixed. But on the funny side, we've received tons of mail from our insurance mailed to "Baby Boy Meyer." (One for the baby book, I am sure.)

Here's some pictures of Imogene's first couple weeks of life!

One day old - doing her favorite thing. Sleep.

Still sleeping.

Did I mention she likes to sleep?

Meeting the cat. He also likes to sleep.

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