Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mogie is 2 Months Old!

Get used to it, little girl. You're stuck with her for life.

Our Dragon baby has mellowed out a bit, but still proves to be a bit of an adorably aggressive personality. She loves her play mat, death grips, ceiling fans, and baths; and hates bouncy seats, going to sleep, and getting changed when she really thinks its time to eat.

She also survived her first Mother's Day (which turned into the first day of a long week of an awful stomach bug for the rest of us), first family birthday (her Dad is now officially a boring adult!), and her first baby shower (which her mom hosted for a couple of friends who are due in the next couple months).

The almost twins hanging with the bigger kids at the baby shower.
Two Month Stats

:: Size ::

She clocked in at her appointment at 11 lbs/9 oz, 22 in, and a slightly bigger noggin.  Her percentiles are 50%, 25%, and 85% (respectively). So short and stout, with likely most of that weight coming from her head size ;) She's in 3 month clothing, and size 1 diapers.

:: Eating ::

We've found a pretty consistent routine of about every 3 hours during the day, with a last feeding around 10 pm, and another around 4 am. Sometimes she will stretch even longer on a random night, but then will go back to her regularly scheduled programming. She's also turned out to be pretty flexible with what time she eats during the days, so the actual times she eats can vary from day to day.

Spit ups definitely still happen, but she will actually have days where she doesn't at all (!!). The doctor was optimistic that she *should* quit spitting up completely by 9 months old. Ha ha.

Looking into the future a bit, I am sure.
:: Sleeping ::

I'm also starting to figure out her sleep pattern as well. She will generally stay awake and happy for about an hour to and hour and a half between each feeding, then nap until her next one. Granted, this doesn't happen every time, and often there's at least once a day where she either wants extra sleep or none at all. But she is a lot happier these days while she's awake, and is learning to fall asleep without fighting it every single time.

She does falls asleep fairly quickly after her night feedings (enough that I have trouble getting a full feeding in most nights), with the rare exception, which usually turns out to be a need for a solid burping.

:: Milestones ::

I swear I saw her first legitimate smile around 5 weeks.

This was me when that first smile happened.

But then nothing until about 8 weeks, where she would give the most adorable open-mouth grin to... the ceiling fan. Talk about an ego buster. She currently does smile, but is a bit picky as to who and when she will reward with one. However, she is always willing to "talk" back and forth with you with the sweetest little "goos," "gahs," "ayes," and raspberries.

She has started reaching for the toys attached to her play mat, and grabs hair, shirts and the back of your arm with an impressive death grip. She's a mover as well, and it is quite normal to find her shifted around a good 45 degrees from wherever you left her. Lastly, she has found her hands, but doesn't know whether to chew on them, try to suck her thumb, or whack herself in the face with them.

Those who tummy time together, stay together.
:: Dellie ::

Happier baby = happier big sister. I've caught Dellie playing with her on multiple occasions, which usually goes something like this:

"Okay, Moge, we're going to drive in our car to the store now. (high pitched voice) Ok, Grandma!(normal voice) Here we are! Let's get out now!" (hops away and leaves baby sister in the car.)

I have dreamed of these moments for years, and I just about cry for joy every time they happen. Dellie also likes to play on the play mat with Mogie, and has declared which hanging toys belong to her and which are her sisters (we're working on that). She's still very helpful with picking out outfits to match with her own, throwing away diapers, and wiping up any spit she runs across.

She has also finally gotten fairly comfortable with the routine we have of when I need to focus on the baby (feeding and getting down for naps) and when I have the time to focus on being with her.

:: Cloth Diapers ::

Mogie is finally fitting in the regular size diapers... but it turns out a lot of them are leaking too. We thankfully have enough still working to make it through the day time, and are going to slowly work on replacing them over the next few months. But I have gotten into the routine (and have a great 4 year old helper) of getting them washed and folded, and am actually enjoying getting into the swing of using cloth diapers again.

:: I Don't Want To Forget ::

The surprised, happy smiles Mogie gives me when I pick her up after having left her alone for a few minutes; the way she pulls on her hair when she's tired; the way she violently shakes her head in what seems like an effort to evade falling asleep; how she prefers to be held with her head flung backwards over the crook of your arm so she can see the world from her upside-down vantage.

I am truly enjoying getting to see little glimpses of her personality come out. She is definitely her own, and I am so glad I get the privilege of being her mom.

P.S. Our insurance still has her labelled as "Baby Boy." ;)

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