Friday, June 24, 2016

Mogie is 3 Months Old!

This last month was quite the big month for us - Mogie went on her first plane flight/wedding/family visit, started sleeping through the night, went swimming, and has all around become more and more of a little person each day.  She still loves fans, baths, and grabbing or kicking at anything in sight. Her opinion of sleeping is getting slightly better, but still would rather just stay awake and be a part of the world she's in.

Three Month Stats

:: Size ::

No appointment to know the numbers - but she is definitely bigger. Still 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers.

Paper heart courtesy of big sister.
:: Eating ::

About every three hours still during the daytime, and its a rare night if she needs to eat. Still spitty, but it is slowly but surely getting better as a whole.

:: Sleeping ::

Mogie is getting better at her day time sleep routine as well. She clearly has a sleep window which can get missed, leading to a a pretty hard time getting her to fall asleep. Thankfully, she isn't super fussy when she's tired (in fact, she seems to get a second wind) so it's not a total disaster if the nap window gets missed.

Night time sleep is great as a whole. She does wake up around 3-4 in the morning every few days, but can be put back to sleep with a pacifier. Otherwise, it's a full night's sleep! We're going to start the process of moving her out of our bedroom soon. Hopefully the transition to sharing a bedroom with Dellie will be relatively smooth!

:: Milestones ::

We've made the decision that this girl is more aggressive than her sister was. Mogie is definitely more physically active (lots of scooting and pushing off with her legs), grabs everything in sight and pulls hard, does tummy time like a boss, and has even rolled over a couple times (they were both a bit of a surprise for her, so I don't know that she realized that was what would happen when she pushed off). She also chats and chats with you and just loves to be a part of whatever is going on.

Moment caught by Gramps. I am forever grateful.
:: Dellie ::

I have caught Dellie on a few occasions holding sister's hand and oh. my. the heart explosions that happen each and every time. She's really looking forward to sharing their bedroom (cause she has no clue what's coming), and her favorite thing is to outfit coordinate with her sister.

She has also started play acting having her own baby to take care of, down the wiping of spit up each and every time her babies burp.

:: Cloth Diapers ::

We ended up having to get rid of a large chunk of our cloth diapers because the waterproof lining was shot. So we're officially down to the ones that work, which lasts about a day, and are going to slowly get some more to get back to full time use. Even still, having them to offset regular diaper usage is really helpful.

:: I Don't Want to Forget ::

The emphatic smiles Mogie gives whenever I come to get her up from her naps; how she chews on pacifiers in the corner of mouth and then literally spits them as far as she can; her wide eyes and open mouth stare like every moment is a new surprise for her; how everything that passes into her hand must be put into her mouth.

Happy quarter of a year, little girl! We can't imagine life without you, nor can we hardly remember life before you anymore!

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