Friday, August 19, 2016

Mogie Was 4 Months Old! And Now She is 5!


Little behind on the updates, but I suppose it's to be expected.

Thankfully Mogie hasn't been behind on her growing skills ;) and oh my what skills she's developed over the last two months!

These last two months have been eventful!  We went to another wedding (with more flying), met tons of family, survived the first step of baby mobility, four month sleep regression, jury duty for me, and Daddy's first work trip.

First off - 4 Months!
4 Months Old. Not Impressed.
:: Size ::

Mogie got dangerously close to growing out of 3 months sizes at her 4 month mark, and did get moved up into size 2 diapers. She weighed in at an ounce shy of 14 lbs, and 24 inches long, making her slightly under average in weight and a bit of a shorty.

:: Eating ::

Every three hours (or so), with the end of the day being the hardest stretch for her to manage. She had her dream feed around 10 pm and then was good until between 6 and 7.

The big realization that came this month was that Mogie has a strange, but pretty clear connection between having seriously spitty days and (drumroll please).... my consumption of ice cream the night before.
Mind you,  this doesn't happen when I eat dairy, nor sugary foods in other forms, but some how combining the two together and freezing them makes her suddenly the upchuck queen. So sad momma has had to figure out new late night treats to satify her sweet tooth.

:: Sleeping :: 

Wonderfully. We figured out napping cues and scheduling, and she consistently was sleeping through the night. Next month is a whole different beast, however, so stay tuned.

:: Milestones ::

She was this close to rolling over from her back to her belly when she turned 4 months. See video below:

And also was quite prone to turning herself around on her play mat quite regularly. She also found her toes AND loved to taste them regularly (still does!), making diaper changes suddenly a lot harder.

Another ridiculous, but important milestone for our girls:

The first signs of curly hair. I am so beyond excited at the thought of another curly headed kiddo.

:: Dellie ::

Dellie figured out that Mogie will be eating food in the next couple months, and started getting very excited about when she can "feed her sister mashed peas!"  Poor baby.

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Now 5 months!

First off, this picture captures our world right now with "The Moge," as Dellie calls her - she's an active little girl with a plan of her own, and we can't help but laugh at how cute, ridiculous, and sometimes overwhelming it can be.

:: Size :: 

Halfway through the last month, I broke down and finally sized her up into 6 month clothing. It was a sad, sad day, but she's been a lot more comfortable since I finally gave in.  It's been funny how much harder it's been to move her up in sizes, but I realized that part of it is because Dellie was a tiny baby - and wasn't even close to growing into 6 month clothing until she was 6 months. So my point of reference is off because Mogie is "bigger," even though she is under average in weight and height.

Ice cream party
:: Eating ::

Ever since figuring out ice cream as the spit up culprit, I've been a lot more careful about consuming it, which has made things a lot more manageable. Mogie still eats regularly about every 3-4 hours, and has her dream feed around 9-9:30, then is good until the next morning. We tried dropping the dream feed, but it led to sleep issues (unrelated to below sleep issues), and so we don't feel like she's quite ready to go the full 12 hours at night yet.

This girl loves her Sophie giraffe.
:: Sleeping ::

Did you stay tuned? Good.

So, before Mogie I had heard of the four month sleep regression... and laughed it off. Dellie didn't really have any issues with night waking regression EVER so I just assumed it was some silly little thing other moms blew out of proportion.



So the week Josh left for his work trip, someone decided she had better things to do than to sleep. Like roll all over her crib, get herself wedged, and then cry. On repeat. Every hour. Every night. For a week. I finally got so desperate I pulled her back into our room just so I didn't have to walk that stupid hallway every five minutes to roll her back over yet again.

Lesson learned. Four month sleep regression is a real thing.

Thankfully she got over that as soon as Josh got back - lucky guy missed the entire thing ;)

:: Milestones ::

Did I mention Mogie learned to roll over? Right after turning four months, she first learned to roll onto her belly, and has shown a preference to staying belly side down ever since. She did learn rolling back over a couple weeks later, but will only use it in an attempt to get back onto her belly, thus initiating a clumsy sort of log roll across the floor.

Or the crib, if it happened to be 2 in the morning.

All the girls spiffed up for my brother's wedding.
:: Dellie ::

Dells has figured out a few ways to make Mogie laugh (the most successful one being jumping on the bed), and it is the best things as a mom to see them interacting with one another finally. She is very concerned about how much Mogie poops, and asks regularly for an approximate size of the surface area it covers in the diaper.

She also fed Mogie a bottle for the first time, which proved to be less successful than the picture below may seem.

Dellie is regularly heard saying, "Oh Moge!" and likes to confuse strangers by exclaiming to them that she has a "little sister named Mogie and she's a really spitty baby."

:: Cloth Diapers ::

Slowly getting back to full stash status. I've also just started learning a ton about proper washing practices, which is crazy since I thought I had it all down pat. 

:: I Don't Want to Forget ::

Mogie's preferred way of sleeping on her her belly with her face in her hands, the way she shakes her head when she's tired to try and keep herself awake, how she loves to just stare at you and gently (or sometimes not quite so gently) grab at your face, how she just hangs out in the airplane position while on her belly, and how blowing raspberries on her belly makes her giggle every single time.

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