Monday, October 3, 2016

Mogie is 6 Months!

Half a year, readers, half a year.

I knew it would come fast. And I wasn't wrong.

This last month has thankfully been a bit less exciting, but the potential for more excitement is definitely on its way. Mogie hasn't had too much change in her world, but she is showing signs of new developmental milestones that I am sure I will be sharing with you next month.

This month we had Josh's parents visit and traded our beloved car for a legitimate van - with them! The mom-mobile has been officially named Her Majesty Princess Margaret Silver Fairywagon. (It's like we have girls or something.) We took a daytrip up to Jerome, AZ, decided we really could try to swing more day trips like that with two kids, and rearranged our entire house to accommodate our growing small group.

:: Size ::

She weighed in at 14 lbs/14 oz and 26 in long at her 6 month appointment, wears 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

:: Eating ::

As a whole, she's doing well. I finally felt comfortable enough to try dropping the late night feeding again, and she hasn't missed it one bit this month. She still eats about every 3 hours during the day, and she even tried her first tastes of solid food (aka sucking on a chunk of cantaloupe and a spoonful of baby oatmeal). I'm both excited and hesitant about getting into baby food because while it is fun, it also means she's growing up.

And it means diaper changes get a lot less fun.

Pretending to sleep in bunk beds.
:: Sleeping ::

We are back to our regularly scheduled sleeping this last month. She goes about 11-12 hours at night, and naps anywhere from 2-4 times during the day. Her first and third nap are definitely the most important, and she can really struggle through the last few hours of the day, but she still have proven to be fairly flexible and bounce back when her nap routine gets messed up. It is hard to get her to wind down and fall asleep if she is over-tired, which can result in a decent amount of manhandling her while holding and rocking her, along with a few trips to retrieve the pacifier from behind the crib after putting her down to fall asleep. Eventually, though, she will fall asleep :)

Another important milestone - up on shoulders. Mogie will grab on and suck the back of your head until it is completely soaked.
:: Milestones ::

Nothing official to report, but she is really close to sitting up on her own and does a decent amount of scooting backwards, turning around, and generally winding up in a different spot from where you set her down.

She has started to show a heightened awareness of where I am and when the person holding her is definitely not me. Along with that she will sometimes offer a loud, but short, protest that I am leaving her alooooone! Oh! And she has started to understand and love playing peek-a-boo, which I consider one of the most important milestones there is.

This is becoming a more common occurance - Dellie jumping into ways to play with Mogie while I am busy. Love, love love.
:: Dellie :: 

My favorite sister moment was when Dells asked to hold Mogie, then specifically asked to have Mogie on her lap, facing her. I obliged, knowing at some point the baby would likely pull her hair or make a grab for her face, and therefore planning to stay aware of the eventuality. The eventuality, however, became immediately, and within three seconds of plopping Mogie down she had grabbed both of Dellie's cheeks and was yanking them as hard as she could. (Which is remarkably hard for a little baby, mind you). Funny thing, Dells hasn't asked to hold her sister since that incident ;)

Dellie is really getting into the swing of sisterhood, but is also starting to get a little jealous of the attention Mogie gets because she is in the super fun and responsive baby phase. We parents have had to work through how we can make sure Dellie knows she's still important, while also helping her understand that she's too old to be tossed up in the air and given raspberries on her belly like Mogie gets.

It's also been interesting and fun to see just how different these two are, but also the ways they are the same. Mogie is just straight up more active, aggressive, and assertive than Dellie ever has been, but she also has already shown the same tendencies towards sharing coffee mugs in the morning and shyness towards strangers, just like Dellie was at this age.

:: I Don't Want to Forget ::

How Mogie will give her own baby version of hugs and slobbery kisses; her general interest in grabbing your face, neck, and arms, resulting in lots of reminders that you really should have clipped her nails yesterday; when she tries to stick her pacifier in your mouth while being rocked before naps; having to practically straight-jacket her with your arms to get her to calm down to sleep; how she lightning grabs anything at the table, including laptop cables, dinner plates, hot coffee and important paperwork; how she pulls the car seat shade all the way down with her feet and then kicks at it every time we drive; her excited squeals when Dellie jumps, dances, and laughs around her.

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