Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mogie is 7 Months Old!

Time for another one! Can you believe it?

This last month we went through two more work trips for Daddy, the beginning of baby food, her first hike, and a child who is oh so close to crawling (but not yet).

:: Size ::

No changes - still in 6 month clothing and size 2 diapers. Although I suppose her feet might be getting a bit bigger since some of her smaller socks and shoes are getting too tight.

:: Eating ::

Every three hours during the day, plus solids for dinner time. She hasn't taken much of liking to solids, however, unless it's warm and has some oatmeal mixed in. She prefers feeding herself, but is terrible at it (lots of dropping and choking on tiny bits), along with chewing the wrong end of the spoon. In summary, there is a lot of face making and mess making during dinners in our house.

Hiking, and the super rare baby napping not in her bed.
:: Sleeping ::

This month we officially found a sleep time groove. She naps two times a day - one morning, one afternoon, and sleeps from 7 pm to 6:30 am. The consistency has been great for getting back into the swing of life, and not feeling like I need a nap myself every day :)

Another milestone - way more TV watching than Dellie ever got to see at this age. The perks of being a second child.
:: Milestones ::

I really thought we would have a crawler by seven months, because this girl doesn't stay put anymore. She scoots herself around backwards, planks, and pushes into the bridge position, but just doesn't get how to go forward at all. It's amazing, hilarious, and sent us into a panic about how to baby proof our house since it's been 4 years and we worried more about baby proofing for the cat than we did for Dellie when she was a baby.

She also got her first set of the dreaded bottom teeth.  Thankfully, no biting has happened, but she does like to rub her teeth on her top gums, which is almost just as painful during feedings. Thankfully too, teething was pretty minimal as well.

Mogie is also sitting up on her own quite comfortably, which has been bittersweet in the bath time department. It's fun to have both girls sitting up and playing during baths, but it is also the end of the era of the baby tub.

And lastly, we have a proficient peek-a-boo baby. She loves it, but I'm pretty sure I love it more than her.

:: Dellie ::

Honestly, I feel like the relationship between the two of them has stalled out. Mogie is still not super relational in the fun ways yet, but it starting to get less fun in the grabbing toys from her sister sorts of ways. I knew from the get-go that their sibling relationship was going to take me being pretty intentional in fostering good playing-together habits (because of their age gap), so I'm not too surprised by it. But, it has been discouraging, since I think a part of me was honestly hoping it would happen naturally.

The jealousy is also something we are still working on. We've gotten pretty  confident in being able to set boundaries with Dellie ("I can't give you raspberries on your belly like Mogie gets") but still communicating love and that she matters ("But I can give you a silly kiss on your cheek"). We are hoping and praying that our efforts will work, and that this phase will pass soon.

:: I Don't Want to Forget ::

How Mogie loves to kick and splash the water in the bath tub for-ever; the squinty face she makes every time she takes a first bite of baby food (even if she's had it before); playing peek-a-boo with her sleep sack whenever you change her diaper; how she took to her first time in a swing like she's been doing it her whole life; her love for lounging in the grocery cart; how she will put herself into a full plank position, but still refuses to even consider moving forward.

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