Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mogie is 8 Months Old!

The question I know you've all been dying to know the answer to....

Is she crawling yet?

(Just kidding. unless you really were.)

This last month was visiting Grandparents, more hiking, her first Halloween, one final work trip for Daddy, and yes, a crawling baby.

:: Size ::

Dare I say she is maybe a bit bigger? She moved up into size 3 diapers - although she is clearly on the small end of wearability - and some of her smaller 6 month clothing can get tight lengthwise. 

"Here, buddy! Have some lunch too!"
:: Eating ::

Every three hours still, and we added solids for lunch this month. She still is not really into baby food (like she maybe will finish a jar in a meal...some days), but has shown a preference to apple sauce and sweet potatoes. And she is definitely a messy eater. I'm planning on buying stock in laundry stain remover.

:: Sleeping ::

As a whole, she is still doing two wonderfully solid naps during the day and sleeping through the night, with a couple of hicccups. The first was when she learned to crawl, and then quite soon after learned to pull up on her crib bars. It was a long few days being patient with a very excited baby who would rather be crawling and getting stuck than sleeping. The second was a cold that messed with her night time sleep, which has resulted in some very early mornings (5:30 a.m. is the average), which we're hoping doesn't become the new pattern. Wish us luck.

"Mom I'm STUCK!"

:: Milestones ::

Two big ones: she crawls (forwards!) and she can pull herself up on things (she prefers her crib). Josh was right in his prediction - it happened while he was away on a work trip! It has been beyond fun to watch her haul around the house and get into every mischief imaginable, and it has been an adjustment for everyone to have to keep an eye on her for when she gets into every mischief imaginable.  No toy, no room, no paper, no dog bone, no piece of dirt is safe from Mogie these days.

:: Dellie ::

Her new nickname for Mogie this month became "Jo." It was beyond random and short lived, but I feel I would be remiss to not include it here because she was very persistent with it for a good three weeks.

I feel like their relationship is on its way to getting better. Mogie's new found mobility has been an adjustment for Dellie because nothing is safe and little sister is happy to get in her business all the time, but there are also moments of playing together that are beginning to happen because Mogie can finally crawl-chase Dellie through the house. Dellie does love to feed her baby food, push her in the stroller and swings at the park, go for rides together in the grocery carts, and is slowly learning how to exchange toys with Mogie with she's gotten a hold of something she is too young for. We as a family are also learning that duplos are the only safe, yet fun toy for both infant, 4 year old, and grown adults.

BUT Dellie has also taken to "siren mode" and will announce very loudly every time Mogie even looks at an outlet, dog bowl, or pair of shoes. We're working on that ;)

:: I Don't Want To Forget ::

How Mogie will scratch the carpet until she gets a fist full of dog hair, and then eat it all; how she will thump her legs on the crib mattress when you try to hold her still to calm down for bed; how she will hold her hands out for Radar to lick during meals; and how she giggles every time he does.

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